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Your worldview and the stories you tell yourself determines if you are happy or not


The world is just plain, whatever you think that is going around the world is just your own interpretation and worldview. When it comes to our worldview we only see the things we want to see

I always tell people the world is not happening to you but you are happening to the world, you are creating this world, and every view you hold of it and whatever way it is going in your life best believe you created that reality

The world is like an open view that gives you whatever you are searching for, the problem here is that we have been used to and conditioned to search for the wrong things and give the wrong narrative to things

People are always looking for something to be scared of and panic about, thinking about this, this is the human default system. To be wary of the environments he finds himself in.

Back in the days of our hunter-gathering ancestors, this might be okay and a very positive way to live because of the dangers surrounding them all over. They have to be watchful not to fall prey to the dangers of their environment. Being wary and scared keeps them alive.

But today we have none of those dangers to worry about but we still go on carrying the fearfulness and wariness of our hunter-gathering ancestors that have lived and survived thousands of years ago. Worrying and looking for things to be scared of might be our default but we don’t have to let it dictate our worldview.

So many people never see good in the world and they never believe someplace somewhere people are actually happy and living a prosperous life. Their worldview is a place that is dark and full of evil, a place where no good can grow in and have its root

This acceptance of dark definition in their worldview has made them live a life far away from their purpose and corrupted their approach to everything in life.

These people grew up with a mindset that someone out there is out to exploit and use them for their gain and they too roam earth trying to the same thing to others

Many people out there on earth can never find peace within themselves because their worldview tells them peace doesn’t exist in the world but suffering. Their mentality and worldview stagnates them before they even try to start making progress

Erasing a dark worldview

So what if you happen to find yourself in this space of dark and corrupted worldview and you are trying to change for the better? One thing you need to understand is that the stories you have been telling yourself for years can’t be overturned in a blink of an eye.

What you have done to yourself is years of conditioning and also needs years of reconditioning to break out of that cycle for real.

People suffering from a dark view of the world fail to see that there is a large majority of people that are living happily, prosperously, and peacefully and those qualities don’t come off the joy or hustle of others

You should start seeing yourself as deserving of every good thing. That is the first step of freeing yourself from a disrupted and dark worldview. Never think for you to prosper you need to hurt, use and exploit the next man. Never think your survival rest on what the news is showing you

You really don’t need to be afraid of anything or to be searching for something to panic about. You are deserving of good things and good things come to you with ease, your survival isn’t in danger, and all the panicking needs to stop

Lastly, remove yourself from the media and its propaganda and try to make decisions off of your heart and not what the media is telling you.

All these media is trying to do to you is to continue to make you live in fear as if there’s something always wrong with the world. You don’t have to fall for the scams anymore.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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