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Congratulations! Your WORK-LIFE BALANCE Is (Are) About To Stop Being Relevant

work-life balance

They say it is a work-life balance, how did they ever try thinking of that, I always laugh whenever I hear that phrase (or whatever it is). How can they claim to have a work-life balance? You see life is about choices and that is something that hasn’t rest well with us humans.

Humans are known to eat their cake and want to still have it at the same time, humans are known to want to have it all, and humans are known to run from the necessary sacrifice that brings the better result of what they want

The work-life balance is a false idea to me because it doesn’t exist, there is nothing like a work-life balance. When you believe in that idea of a work-life balance you are only trying to eat your cake and have it.

The work-life balance is just like saying you are ready to half-ass both the work side of your life and the family side of your life.

The work-life balance is not a 50/50 arithmetic, it is just your life and work sharing just 50%, and the other 50% is eaten by mediocrity and lack of commitment

You see life is about the choices we make, every day as humans we are faced with these choices at every turn and we have to make them and live with the consequences

You are either choosing your family or you are choosing the workplace. You spend time with your family and live with the consequences of your choices or you spend tremendous time at work and living with the consequences, you can’t have both sides of the coin.

People who pretend that they can have it all are the people who don’t tell themselves the truth and come to the realization of the consequences of their choice

Trying to have it all is trying to lose it all because everything in life calls for commitment. Your family calls for its own commitment and your workplace or career calls for its own commitment

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Keeping a work-life balance

Now we are not going to talk about how you can have a work-life balance because that is bullshit and a false idea to stand on or even discuss. Now we are going to talk about what side of the coin to pick depending on the individual.

We are all different and come with different needs and wants but the things that Are important especially in scenes like a work-life balance is knowing what you really want

Are you the kind that appreciates the values of family and will do anything to keep family together? Then devoting yourself to your family above business should be your default choice in life and you should be ready to live with the consequences of having your work life affected.

Believe me Family is important and money can’t be everything and you are not that lost to choose them above everything else, the problem here is are you doing it because that’s your nature/personality or are you doing it because you are trying to keep a work-life balance.

Remember just as I have said that everything in life demands our 100% effort and it won’t settle for less. Your family demands that full commitment.

Now if you are the type that wants the best for his or her family and think money is the things that can bring the best to them, from the best education to the best travels and best of everything then don’t let the world call you stingy or stupid for choosing the workplace more than you choose the family place

If you are the kind that prefers jumping from one plane to another plane handling business while missing your children’s sports game in their expensive school then you should never feel guilty about this.

This is the life you signed up for and as long as you know the consequences for it you try to enjoy the process.

If you are thinking there’s something that is good or bad then you are wrong, everything good or bad is just a perspective and as long as you know how to put things into perspective and don’t lie to yourself then you can find the good in the bad and the bad in the good

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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