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Winning in an environment working against you


Many of us were not opportune to live in an environment that was conducive for growth in a safe space and we didn’t have the facilities to make use of our environment in such a way that we made good use of what it can offer to our upbringing.

Though this is what we want to believe, we want to feel like we were dealt a bad hand but when we look at it every environment has its outstanding space.

No matter where we grew up from, our environment had its own unique trait we would have to utilize and make use of if we were really looking and seeing beyond the surface.

Regardless of where you were born people have made it out of the worst places and had the lesson learned from those spaces guide them all through their life.

Every environment has its own qualities and the environment we are staying now also have its own qualities and unique trait. We still might be missing this unique trait because someway somehow we are looking forward to moving to a better place thinking the grass is always greener at the other end.

While missing the opportunities that lie under our feet the first question is how do we identify the opportunities in our environment.

Every environment has its own people and with its own people comes its own wants and things lacking in that space, you might not be conscious of this but the place you live in today has its own characteristics just like the people that live there.

Our environment breaths its own air and have its own wants and needs that lack in the habitat. Coming to the realization of this can make you a huge sum of money if you can just find the rhythm of your environment and what it lacks then go forth in providing that to it.

You might have heard people give a success story of how they made it out of the hood and made something out of their life. When you listen to those stories and get motivated you should also remember that there are people who still lived in that same hood they were coming from but never made anything with their life.

All they could do and still do is complain how the government never cared for them, but these people are forgetting that their environment was teaching them a greater lesson than the government or any institution could teach them

Poverty will expose you to things that will never make you be the same in life, it can break you or it can make you. Growing up around poverty gives you more insight into the thinking of the everyday human and what they want and what they won’t do

Living around poverty shows you how complacency sometimes is the trait of the poor. Growing in a very poor environment teaches you all this and more about business because everything around you was teaching you to survive by any means

Making use of your environment

Even with all the harsh lifestyle, we were forced to live in the hood, most were still comfortable with how they were living but the environment taught the ones ready to learn how to survive and how to make ourselves valuable in a world that doesn’t care about those who have got nothing to bring to do the table.

People lose track of this and think they have to move to a better place before they could make a huge impact in society but that’s just missing the whole point of life.

You can’t make a ripple in the ocean if you haven’t made one in the pond, if you can’t take care of yourself and be conscious of what is around you what makes you feel like you can help the world with its problem.

Until you focus on seeing the problem within you and the obstacles that lay in your surrounding that you can go on to make things happen in your environment and learn from its teaching.

Take a closer look at your environment and listen to what it is telling you, feel its rhythm, and match its vibration

Go deep and search for what’s missing around its habitat and what the people are yearning for and when you find this provide it for them.

Your environment has so many things to teach and so many messages to pass, you just have to be ready to receive whatever it is ready to give.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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