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Who to trust when trying to communicate your worries


Humans are social animals, when we feel bothered we want to be able to communicate how we feel to someone, if not for advice on what steps to take when we want to be able to feel understood and know that we are not alone.

Communicating what bothers us is a way for us to be assured that we are not the only ones going through what we are going through and won’t be the first person going through what we are going through.

Being able to express ourselves is not really the problem, the problem is knowing who we can talk to and trust to pass the right advice. what place is that person’s perspective coming from and what experience that person has accumulated down the road.

Victims of wrong advice

Some people have never been the kind to take judgment, they have always been the kind of person that needs other people to point the right path to them, they won’t stop questioning themselves. These people have to communicate what goes on in their minds to get insight into what to do.

Even though they are aware of their incapacities of picking the right road for themselves and seek help for themselves, which is a good thing, they are still the ones that leave themselves open to the deception and manipulation of some people who never mean well in their advice.

how to know who to trust when communicating your worries

One thing about communicating what goes on in your mind is knowing and understanding the person you are about to tell your problem.

Some people don’t come from the right place, in as much as they can be laughing with you pretending to care some of them see you as a pawn to their games with a hidden motive.

When communicating and seeking advice you want to watch out for the experience that person holds and if that person has walked the path you are trying to walk. People have formed a habit of following the blind and having the blind lead them on.

You don’t ask a single person to give you advice on your relationship, that person is liable to say things that can bring harm into your relationship through their advice because they have nothing to lose so they won’t know what is at stake in your relationship

You don’t ask a career person to give you advice on your business proceedings, only if they have invested money and time to grow a business they will never know what it means to handle one with the risk that comes with it

All these are requirements you need to have in mind when trying to communicate the problem in your life and trying to get advice from help.

You want to communicate your problem to people who have no hidden agenda apart from just helping you, experienced, and gone through things you are going through now.

People have lost more from life from taking advice from a relative or their siblings, people have created enemies where there was never one because they listened to the hatred of someone else disguised as advice.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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