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When things are not working take this Direct Approach

when things are not working

Some days we wake up not feeling like it, everything is not just adding up and we are not seeing where our effort is going. We would love to make things work and we are willing to make things work but the odds are not really meeting up to our favors. We get frustrated and feel like leaving it all when things are not working.

This is the most difficult part of our experience in life, this is the place where we are stuck and feel like the game is really over. Nothing seems to be working and we are down on luck

The most painful thing about genuinely trying to make something for yourself is not seeing the result of the work you have been putting on, sometimes it feels like we are at the same level year after year and that thought drowns us.

We continuously ask ourselves is this the price we get to pay for what we want or are we cluelessly aiming for what will never come to a full realization, are we on a goose chase.

When you find yourself in this place you are at the most vulnerable and a lot of question runs through your mind and you start wondering how you got here

I have been experienced enough to tell you that when things are not working that is when you need to re-evaluate yourself and the direction you have been taking

When things are not working we tend to try to think and see life from the side of vulnerability and defeat but this is the time to be strong and take a back seat to view where you have been coming from

This is not the time to look forward, in every endeavor, there are times to look forward and their times to look backward and retrace our step.

When things are not working and the pace is slow, nature is trying to tell you to slow down your pace and see what is wrong and if you are really on the right part

Some of us are on the right part but have taken the wrong road and now we are stagnant, lost, and clueless.

When things are not working this might be the core reason why they are not working. We have just taken the wrong turn and find ourselves on the wrong road on the right path.

During this period where things are not working a lot of us are tempted to give it up, the journey hurts, too much suffering on this road and the weight seems to be heavy on our shoulders and we can’t carry on

Everyone who has seen the top and is up there has seen this moment and have nearly lost it during this moment but this is not the moment to give in and go home, rest you can but giving up you can’t.

Let’s see how we can retrace our step while resting, remember this is the moment to slow the pace and re-evaluate so how do we that.

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What do you do when things are not working

First, you have been doing great, things are just not working right now. When things are not working our focus stays on the present situation and we don’t see how our past working is compounding to favor us in the long term.

Things might not be working now but how about in a 6 month time or a year. Your life could be in a different place in a year from now, so are you going to give up all the past effort that is compounding and just leave like that, I don’t think so

When things are not working then it is time to sit and ask the right question. Look, being honest with yourself is a challenging thing to do, I have been there, but you really want to be open and ask the right question here

Do you see yourself doing well in this field, do you think it is your thing and you are just going through the trial of it and paying the price.

Sometimes it feels like we are in a goose chase and if you can be honest enough you might be really chasing a goose. If it doesn’t resonate with your spirit then why bother yourself about

Read my previous post on a career here to help clarify your purpose and why you are on this journey. You want to hurt your soul for nothing.

Life is about putting things into perspective and trying our very best to be honest and truthful with ourselves.

When things are not working we are exposed to our higher self and lower self. This moment of hardship and struggle builds the soul or destroys the soul. Make it refine yours and push you further.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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