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What works?, Are there secret to all this?

what works

Everyone wants to know the things that work in life, we go into deep search trying to find the right formula for all our problems. People are always looking for the shortest cut to everything in life. Nobody wants to truly feel any unease, nobody wants to truly go through the discomfort of life so we live life chasing the next drug but the big question still remains what works?

So many people want to truly believe there is an antidote to everything out there. People have spent years searching and walking about trying to get someone to tell them what they can only tell themselves.

The different promises that keep bombarding us through ads and different media outlets make us want to believe this so badly.

What works, like what really works? people wake up every day to ask themselves. Many have taken it upon themselves to really find out but come back disappointed, though disappointed they have not really given up and the fresh seekers are still in high hope of finding this formula which people have been searching for many years now.

When I sat down to give a thought to this topic of what works I came to realize we have just been asking the wrong question.

The right question here should be why do people want to know what works. Shifting that question to why instead of what led me to uncover why humans might never find out what works anyway

The reason we keep chasing and asking ourselves what works is because none of us is ready to take responsibility for their life.

A responsibility might sound soft and easy on the mouth but a heavy burden we are looking to give to someone. People want someone to pick up their load and carry the heavyweight for them. People don’t care about what works people care about who’s ready to lift this burden from my shoulders

If we are truly interested in what works then we would have found that a long time again because what works is just laying out there impatiently waiting for someone to find it.

What works isn’t in hiding, it isn’t far from people’s reach if they are truly interested in finding it but the people are not interested in knowing what works. I can write all day about what works and put them on a billboard on a busy road and nobody will care that much.

That’s how far we are from our element, what we say we want we don’t really want, we just want someone else to do that work for us.

To relieve us of that problem to make us walk lightweight. The antidote we seek is just like a pain killer, something to temporarily kill the pain not cure the pain.

Pain is what drives people to go look for what works, fear is another great influence that pushes people but if you believe that people want that pain gone forever then you must be delusional.

I don’t think you want your pain to go forever because for your pain to go forever is for you to start taking responsibility for every decision. People just want something that will make them feel good at the moment. The moment is what people are interested in.

Finding what works

But let’s say you are the type truly interested in change, truly you have been searching for what works. You don’t just want someone to carry your burden for you, you are not expecting a superhero to come to save you or a guru to come to tell you to meditate 24 hours a day for you to attain nirvana.

If you are truly interested in picking up responsibility and taking care of your load then we are going to solve this together.

What works isn’t that difficult just as I have stated before, people have gone searching for them but not really searching for them maybe that’s why they didn’t find it.

To understand a thing is to find that thing. If you don’t know real gold someone will sell you a fake one and you will go about feeling like you really got the gold you wanted without realizing that you have been sold a painted stone

This is the spiritual journey of many, they go about looking for truth but get sold on more lies. The reason this happens and will continue to happen is that we are expecting something to happen outside of ourselves.

Growth doesn’t come from the outside. The people who promise to deliver growth to you by doing a particular routine of theirs are lying to you. If you can’t see the root of a tree then why do you expect your root to start from outside for the world to see? The world can only see the result of your inner work not the process of your inner work.

What works starts from within not without and the process starts with finding your truth, not my truth or some internet guru or teacher, not the truth of your parent or the environment that made you. You have to begin searching and going within to discover your truth

I can rarely help you and the author of that book you have been reading can’t even help you.

The only thing we can do is to show you the light and show you what worked for us and what worked for me is taking a journey within and not scared to make a mistake

I can’t pick up your burden, me doing that doesn’t mean that burden is gone. Since you are not finding the permanent cure for it then be rest assured it will be surfacing someday. The permanent cure for it is recognizing that our decisions affect tomorrow and we better start taking responsibility for them

What works is the ability to accept responsibility for our life. The moment we make that decision everything starts working and coming together for us. There’s no big formula waiting for you there’s no grand activity to find out what works, no Hollywood style stunt waiting for anybody.

Taking responsibility for your decisions and going deep to search for your truth deep within that’s what works. I might have disappointed you but I have given you the secrets.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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