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How appearing vulnerable attract the vultures


A lot of victims have been created because at one point in their life they were open and vulnerable and a quick cure was promised. People do the most irrational thing when they find themselves in a situation they see no escape from. A poison becomes a cure.

We want that cure and we want it fast. When we are placed in that position of vulnerability everything sounds and looks like a dream come through until we realize we have bitten the apple of snow white.

The real problem about vulnerability isn’t us being vulnerable, because sometimes being vulnerable can be a sign of power only if you know how to harness this. But the real curse of being vulnerable are the people waiting to exploit your vulnerability.

Whether we like it or not the world is filled with wicked and heartless people who will do anything to fill their purse and this people are vultures roaming the street looking for their next victim to exploit and will stop at nothing until they find their next gold piece.

To you they might come as saviors and people who understand your pain but to them you are nothing but a cash bag that is there to fulfill their purpose and because you are vulnerable, their lies are blinded to you and you don’t see their motive.

Vulnerability makes you open to believing anything even if it serves to your detriment. You actually don’t question this answers to your problem because you are so knee deep in looking for something that works that you are ready to dive into whatever.

A lot of people have lost more to their vulnerability than they will lose to their problem. Because you want cure so bad you will eat with the devil and share your bed with him.

The big question now is how can you stop this, how can you stop being a victim to the false prophet and quit being vulnerable to their tactics.

How to quit being a victim and appear vulnerable

One thing you need to realize is you can never stop being vulnerable, never answer anyone who tell you, you should never look vulnerable or show vulnerability.

I believe in being vulnerable but being vulnerable in power. People should see you being vulnerable and see power instead of weakness.

Secondly 100 percent of people putting out a front to the world that they are all powerful and have no weakness are just faking it, trying to evade the world’s attention from what they are suffering.

The only difference between you and them remain they are doing it the wrong way. Everyone has a way to cure their wounds but not every cure is permanent

Putting out a front to the world about being way too high and without problem is a temporary cure to your vulnerability issue.

Still you don’t want to go out into the world flying a flag of weakness and I have it all worst to everybody you meet because the vultures are watching and taking note

You really want to be careful about the people that promise to solve your problems by just a flash of a hand. Depending on your problems I will tell you nothing comes easy and nothing comes without a work and commitment from your own ends

Your problems can be eradicated if you insist on putting in the work and if you can’t do it yourself nobody else can do that for you.

Though their some few legit people that can show and give you the steps and advice to follow in helping you solve your problems.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

You can check out my books, Why relationship fail (uncovering the truth and finding solution) here and 31 days of self-development (getting out of the victim mindset) here. A little investment into knowledge can be that great change you have waited all your life for.

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