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Most of us were not born to experience the rise of the university and the creation of the higher education it has been existing in the world even before my grandparents were born but even if it has been existing for a long time only the elite could afford such luxury this article is about the fall of the university in Africa and how it was use in manipulating the poor because if most of us didn’t experience the rise we were victims of the fall

The word university meant respect to an African home not only did it bring respect it brought prestige especially in a time when majority of the continent could not spell the word university though there weren’t much back home so parents who could afford it were forced to send their kids to the Great Britain or the United States to get a university education the university ideal was more than just reading and studying it became a social status and majority of the first people that got that type of education ended up ruling their countries or was a major part of the independence movement for their country or took part in the government development or dis-development

The growth of the university system

The university went on to grow and schools were built this time back home in Africa families of lesser social and economic class could now afford to send their children to higher institution for the purpose of good job with higher pay which will help lift the name of the family out of poverty even though the higher institution was now available to the greater public and lesser class the university ideal was still foreign to the African populace only the families that was influenced by colonization saw the advantage of schooling and took the opportunity when the word university and everything it stood for was still virgin in the minds of the general public

The aim of sending wards to university for the sake of getting a better job and bringing the family out of poverty became the force that gave rise to the sudden rush into higher institution in Africa it brought fresh hope to the middle class and it made the lower class dream of a better day in a continent where the government has failed in a continent where colonization has taken the joy of its people education looked like the only hope the only escape plan for the next generation 

By the year 1990 there were more than 100 university in Africa with more than 700,000 students not counting alumnus university became a thing the higher institution became something normal for majority of the African household but with the rise of its population saw the degrade in its teaching and maintenance the government that built this schools neglected the maintenance of this schools and with the negligence of the school came corruption in the school within its faculties professors and student 

By the year 2010 80% of the African home has like 3 graduate approximately and 70% have their wards or looking forward to send their wards to the university this time not as a way of lifting the family from the mud but as a way of not being left out of the popular culture university went from a social class kind of prestige to a scene influenced by the fear of missing out other avenues of human training known to the African household became a thing of past

The fall of the university system

With the easy accessibility of the university education came the complacency of its pupil university no longer became a place of higher learning and research but a place of higher grades for higher GP both the students and the teacher now concentrated on the end product rather than the process this became the start of the fall of the great Olympus called university

The more every household have more than 3 pupil in the university the more the demand in lecturers and professors the increase in lecturers and professors now led to the high increase of politics inside the university premises this politics being played by older generation that was supposed to pass down knowledge down to the younger generation will result to a huge downslide in teaching and learning in the university that will go on to bring about the greatest shame in Africa university and education the disease that was brought to the surface; sex for grades

By late last year the BBC released a documentary that did an investigation into the case and victims of sex for grade which took the social media by storm with its discovery this discovery will lead to the coming out of thousands of female students around the continent talking about their ordeals in the hands of all this male lecturers a woman who was in her 50s complained to me “at least they can record them now and report…” That means this predicament that was brought to the surface in 2019 has been going on since the 1980s 

The sex for grades brought the final downfall into the university ideal in Africa and being that it was brought to the surface at the end of the decade showed how the motive of enrolling the African child into the higher institution for the sake of bringing the family out from poverty and not for the purpose of learning and research has driven our education system as a thing of end product ignoring heavily the process lecturers and professors are only interested in giving out the score and not impacting knowledge the student are only interested in passing the exams or doing anything to pass the exam

With the increase in admission saw the decline in professional courses like medicine engineering and law not because students are no longer interested in studying this elaborate courses anymore but because the schools don’t have the capacity to accommodate such a large audience neither do they have the facilities to teach such audience all this will lead to the era of university giving it’s pupil courses to read whether they are interested in it or not whether they could comprehend it or not the university all of a sudden failed to be a place where passion and purpose are found to a place where people go to for fear of missing out

The future of the university system

Right now we are in a new decade looking back at the past years from the first university in west Africa university of Ibadan to university of Cairo to the modern day Private university frenzy we will all see the fail of the university system and how it has been unable to pass the knowledge that it was created to pass nobody attends or seek for admission for the purpose of learning anymore and the ones that go there for knowledge end up getting disappointed because they continue to see their efforts thrown in the mud and the people who don’t deserve their grades continue to excel and surpass them through cheating and corruption

Lately the university system in Africa has gone back to how things use to be where the elite and the rich sends their ward abroad to school and the ones who can’t send their wards abroad but could still afford a good education that is not so good send them to private universities

In this new decade we still see youths rushing and seeking admission into the university but what is the future of the university what impact will it have in like 20 years from now on if I can tell you anything it is that we are heading to the decline of the university and maybe its extinction the government has used the university as a control system and they might want to keep it on but I think with time the pupil will start seeking the alternative especially in this world of globalization

We have seen a huge turn of event in the change and creation of new occupations this occupations doesn’t need the certificate of the university system to function the university gave the poor hope the government used it as a way to give the next generation of the poor man hope making him believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but that’s about to change because that system has failed the poor

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