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The power of transformation in a species, innovation, and person.


The only thing constant in life is change. We have been hearing this like forever but we fail to see how change truly affects our life and even the life of every creation, both man-made and non-man-made. For every creation that has failed transformation has ended up paying dearly for it.

The only reason why so many creations continue to see several generations and centuries is that they are good with their transformation. Nature has its rules and every creation that fail to follow those rules go into oblivion

The human race as a whole is a strong species and a very competitive one in the ecosystems. It thrives and strives to continue the breeding process and continue to find ways to transform itself and stay top of the food chain.

The human race has gone beyond living and hunting in the wild and no other creature has seen such transformation.

Collectively we have done great as a specie, individually we are still fighting with the laws of transformation and how it holds from getting wipe off the face of the earth.

For any species to stand a chance to even survive it has to fight the fight of transformation first.

We have all heard about extinction. How many species in the past has gone into extinction because they failed to continue breeding to keep their line alive for the next generation.

These creatures that have gone on extinction didn’t only fail to survive and inbreed they failed to transform also.

Things that get extinct are things that failed to transform. Life is about transformation and when a species, innovation, and person fail to follow nature’s rule of transformation those things get extinct and wiped out off the face of the earth.

So you see, the number one cause of extinction is the lack of transformation a species, innovation or person can bring to themselves.

Extinction is beyond survival and breeding. A species has to learn to evolve to be able to survive the different changes happening in the ecosystem.

Every new world calls for new ways of thinking and new ways of approach. Nothing seems to stay the same way for a very long.

If the world and seasons can change then everything living inside that word has to follow suite or get left behind. Transformation gives everything a fighting chance even to your innovations and ideas

How transformation affects businesses

We have all seen great companies that stopped being great companies and led themselves into bankruptcy.

Was it lack of money management that sent them down the drain or was it that they failed to adapt to the calling changes of the modern world and how it worked?

So many influences affect why a company folds, so many chances and unforeseen mistakes play a part. A company doesn’t just wake up one morning and lay off thousands of staff for no reason.

If that company was to wake up one morning and do that just know a collective of decisions led to that and everyone is about to suffer from that collection of decisions.

The internet age brought a lot of change to how things were being run and a lot of company that was still stuck in the past failed to follow the rule of transformation and they found themselves paying the price.

Not only do companies suffer from not following the rule of transformation our ideas do follow the same process but unlike where a group of top officials fails to make a company follow the rules of transformation we fail and lead ourselves into a failure

Most failures in our business and innovation come as a way of being so stubborn and rooted in our approach that we fail to see change is the only constant thing in life.

Things might not be working and we are called upon to follow a new route but because we are too focused on things happening our way we get blinded to other roads that leads to the same result

Sometimes we think there’s a rule book to all of this and some steps to follow. You can’t blame us because most of us are so high on self-development books and motivation speakers that sell dreams to us and not reality. There are no rules to all this, no rules to making it in life except nature and universal rules.

When we fail to be flexible in our approach we begin to get hard on change and forget that every change that chooses to happen is for our benefit and not our disadvantage.

Even human want change and everyone in marketing understand this. But some private businesses will keep trying to sell floppy disks to a generation used to flash drives.

How transformation affects human

As humans and individuals, we struggle more with transformation than any other species or innovation and corporation.

We run the corporation and creates those innovations but just like other species we are fighting more for our survival and our survival doesn’t rest on breeding (at least not for this generation).

As humans, we are faced more with transformation, though collectively we have done fine for ourselves but in the life of the individual, he is still struggling with the concept of change.

Transformation is change but change for the better. Man has gone out of the animal mentality and built himself a brain that can help him survive the earth and provide for himself but man has failed to transform into a higher state.

Man’s struggle with transformation is elevating himself off the place of reckless decision that keeps him stalled and in a state of suffering.

Though he has escaped the animal mentality, not all men have evolved too far from it. Most still lack consciousness and still living life blindly.

The state many men are in now is a state that is below men and though they don’t suffer from extinction, a lot of people are already dead while living.

No effort to add to their consciousness, no effort to be better than their yesterday, and no effort to build a legacy that their children will ride on.

Man being the highest creature is close to the creator and possesses most qualities the creator possesses.

Look around you and see the creation of man, I am writing on my laptop now, so easy than writing with my pen, I can get across to you without you even knowing me.

The possibilities of man are limitless but yet we have failed to transform ourselves and still choose to live in lack.

To elevate pass the situation you are in now you need to follow the rules of transformation and start building a better tomorrow for yourself if not you get wiped off the face of the earth while still being alive

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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