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TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER THAN TODAY Works Only Under These Conditions

Tomorrow will be better than today

People have this instinct to want to care about the future and what it is bringing, we have dreams and hopes that tomorrow will be better than today but that statement rests on a huge probability and we actually have no clue.

The future is uncertain and nobody knows what it is going to be so saying tomorrow will be better than today is just a belief that has no root until we give it one.

One thing about the future is it will never exist without today and whatever we planted today can be seen tomorrow. The hope of tomorrow can only be measured today.

The hoping and wishing for tomorrow to be better than today is really a wrong move and wrong belief to hang on to in life because it removes you from a lot of things you are supposed to know and do.

My main belief in life is, today should be better than yesterday because tomorrow will sort itself. Any change you are trying to make in life today is all that matters and will matter to anybody’s life.

You have no business with tomorrow and tomorrow has no concern with you and if you really think tomorrow will be better than today then you should give today a fighting chance in making tomorrow better

Life is a rollercoaster of wanting to know what tomorrow brings, we go to different means trying to know tomorrow brings, give astrologers money and all kind of stuff but when you look at your desire for wanting to know tomorrow you are just being ruled by fear because the desire to know what tomorrow will be bring is not logical

Every logical person telling themselves tomorrow will be better than today knows today is the key that opens tomorrow and nothing else can make tomorrow better without us planting that seed today

So why bother trying to know about tomorrow when you have the power to make tomorrow better for yourself and your family and do it graciously

The key that opens the door to a better life is the present, the present is all we have got, you reading this now at this very moment you can make the change you want in your life

The past is gone and tomorrow is unknown, take the present and do with it what you wish because it is the present that truly matters and that is what can change things

Don’t misquote me and think tomorrow will be better than today is a false saying or idea I am just saying that that word has no meaning without willpower inserted into it and that power isn’t found in tomorrow or in the future, it is found now in the present.

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Tomorrow will be better than today because of these reasons.

  • Your decisions:

Thinking that tomorrow will be better than today? Then your decisions today have to be better than tomorrow. Tomorrow’s decisions will sort themselves but today’s decisions sort tomorrow out and give it some meaning.

The decisions you make today will go on to affect your life for many years. Decisions have got rippled effect, a lot of humans skipped on this part of life and wonder where they made mistake in life but never realizing their decisions of many years is still affecting them today.

  • Your willpower:

Tomorrow will be better than today because of your willpower, a lot of people say this world but fail to understand that it will never mean anything without willpower backing those words up

You have to say those words and truly believe in them, your willpower has to push you to see how you can make those changes that make tomorrow better.

Without willpower, we are not succeeding at anything in life and we really need it more when we tell ourselves that tomorrow will be better than today.

  • Your actions:

What you do today affects tomorrow, tomorrow will be better than today on your actions. Your actions today matter more than anything. Don’t say this and do another, don’t want wealth and do things that bring poverty, don’t choose happiness and take actions that bring sadness.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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