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How to escape being a slave to your thought


The big question that continues to run down my mind is why people choose to be a slave to their thought and let it dictate the tempo of their life and choices. Maybe it is something outside of our control, we want to tell ourselves that, and truly it might be outside of our control but when we don’t learn to sit with our thought and learn to observe them they will go on to dictate our actions.

The thoughts in our heads never stop ringing, they are always coming and going, which is a good sign that signifies that we are living. We can’t escape, no human on earth can come to tell you that they live without that little monkey upstairs speaking to them.

If you can’t run from yourself then you can’t run from the monkey in your mind, they will always have something to say to you because our environment is giving them something to talk about. The things we see around us influence the words we tell ourselves and our thoughts influence the way we act.

The way each person was raised and the type of environment that person was raised in determine the kind of words and information this person tells themselves and consume.

Without the things around us, our thoughts won’t be thought. Our thought is just an interpretation of the happenings we have experienced both past and present.

So the things we see every day and the things we tell ourselves the mind picks it up and relate those things back to us. This is why they will tell you the world view of people is subjective.

How you see the world is how your thought chooses to relate to the information around you. The world isn’t creating itself you are creating your own world in your head and that world is appearing on the physical.

If the information you consume shapes your worldview through your thought then most of our problem comes from the things you choose to pass to the subconscious.

We can’t control the thought we have we can’t control this monkey from talking but the good news here is that we can control the source where our thoughts get their data from and we can learn to keep it positive and in check.

Why people get drowned by their thought and feel powerless with it is because they never have the idea of where this thought and monkey gets all its data from.

Growing up you heard people around tell you you were not enough and the subconscious took this word seriously and now every time you sit down your thought replays those words to try to convince you how right these people were

The mind and thought are not independent of themselves, they need beliefs, teachings, and command language to function.

You are not the problem you are just the sufferer of the things you have learned to believe and let the subconscious accept, but since you have learned to let the negative bring out seeds you can begin planting those positive seeds today.

How to control our thought

I always tell my friends, to understand why something doesn’t work you don’t look at it at its complete level, the level of its failure, you go back to the root when we were all hyped up believing that we are going to crush this activity.

Things start falling from the beginning, not at the end, it is common for humans to shoot themselves on the foot before they begin a journey. So when you are wondering why things are not working go back and retrace your step.

In this case of controlling our thought we still need to follow that same step and go back in time, you overanalyze situation because you grew up wondering what the people around you think about you, maybe lack of love led you here and now you find yourself in your adult age doubting every form of affection thrown your way

You won’t know if they are real, your mind drives you crazy and tell you words you really don’t want to listen to but you end up listening to them and going outside of your element

First you don’t identify too much with your thoughts if not you will always live life with bruises, learn to sit with it, learn to observe it and learn to rinse it

Sitting with your thought

People feel the slightest mood swing and they go all in their thought and start overthinking things. When you overthink the circumstance or whatever problem you are having you are taking yourself far from the solution. Worrying never solves the issues they just make the issue more worst

So to stop your thought from driving you crazy you need to sit with it and fish out what you are really feeling, people are scared of going deep into themselves, they are scared of this darkness but for how long are you going to be running away from this feeling and not being able to confront this darkness.

Sit with it without trying to give meaning to it, without trying to derive meaning from it. Find out what you feeling and when you find this out you observe the emotions it is bringing out from you

Observing your thought

When you sit with your thought for long you will begin to see why you are feeling the things you keep feeling and you will realize you have quit trying to overanalyze things and giving the monkey the power to lead you.

Now that you have discovered the things you feel, just learn to observe them and see how they make you feel. Don’t dwell on what you are feeling just feel them without reacting to them

When observing the message from your thought and the feelings they are bringing don’t try to force yourself to keep the mind quiet, no one can keep the mind quiet.

The mind is meant to roam but instead of allowing it to roam aimlessly talk some positive words into yourself no matter what you are going through. Speak truth into yourself speak life into yourself.

Rinsing your thought

Now you know what you are feeling, now you understand the works of your thought and its language, now you have finally learned to passwords of positive command into your subconscious when you are in doubt, it is time to let go and rinse those feelings. If you don’t do that you begin to get acquainted with your thoughts and start bringing new meaning into whatever situation that was beginning to unwind into something positive

Just forget whatever you are feeling and go engage in something, just anything that doesn’t make you sit down for long and start rethinking things. Go get some air, go find somewhere to breathe, and let off the steam.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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