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How thinking from the back can make dreams come true

Thinking from the back

Imagine yourself preparing for a journey, you immediately start painting the picture from your house to your destination right? If the mind can paint a picture right from your house the mind can also paint a picture from your destination back to your present location, making you feel like you are already where you want to be even when the body is still at the present location. They call this thinking from the back

Thinking from the back might not sound conventional and to most this might be something new but it has a psychological and emotional effect that makes you believe you are already in your destination or you already have what you wish to have.

We all talk about affirmations and visualization but we don’t emphasize more on the power of thinking from the back and creating a feeling that makes whatever we want to come to pass. They say life is energy, now imagine the kind of energy you create when you already have what you want.

Thinking from the book is like me telling myself I want to be in Barbados and not just I want to be in Barbados but I am mentally in Barbados and not just mentally in Barbados but I am feeling the sunlight and eating the best meal Barbados has to offer.

I can take this further by ordering a local Barbados meal in my present city and enjoy Barbados from my couch

To the average mind, this is lame and stupid. Why mental stimulate yourself when you know you can’t be there, but hey listen, you really don’t know the amount of energy created in those process, you really don’t know the impression you have passed into the mind that has made the mind think this is a normal phenomenon and can be repeated.

Whatever the mind believes to be a normal phenomenon and within the bracket of the owner acquisition or life it tends to make happen and interpret in real life.

Your mind has to first believe and interpret your wants as a normal phenomenon (deserving of it) before you can have them. You can’t drive a Ferrari because your mind doesn’t interpret that as a normal phenomenon. If your mind is in doubt of that then your reality is doubt of that too.

Thinking from the back is setting up the right energy through a feeling of accomplishment and passing a command to the mind that we are in our destination and this is the new normal for us.

We are no longer wishing, we are no longer saying affirmations that we are blessed and powerful. Instead, we are indeed blessed and powerful and have every good thing come to us.

The holy book says ask and ye shall receive but it all goes beyond just opening your mouth and throwing out a request to your creator. You need to ask and believe that you have already received it. Read that again believe that you have already received.

To walk in a new shoe you have to believe you are deserving of that shoe and when you close your eyes, imagine you are walking in that shoe and living life in that shoe.

Don’t just visualize your journey to the buying of that shoe, visualize and try thinking from the back that your present condition now is that show and you are stepping hard on it.

How to apply thinking from the back in everyday experience

The big question now is how do we begin to think from the back. Are there any specifics or routine to start thinking from the back down to our present situation?

The act of thinking from the back is an act we have all known but don’t utilize properly. If you can think of your problem, you are making use of the mind and passing a command to the mind to focus on your problem.

If you have been thinking of the things you can’t do and fear, you have been doing the same exact thing, making use of the mind and passing a command it should focus on things you can’t do.

Thinking from the back is not something exceptional or extraordinary. it is just something you have been doing but instead following the negative steps. When you sit down to worry about your problems, refocus the thought process on you solving that problem.

Thinking from the back in this scenario is you feeling you have already solved that problem. Give it a feeling, feel like you did it yourself, have a sense of accomplishment, call yourself a genius if you please, and now retrace your step back on how you solved that problem.

Magic happens when you learn to stretch the mind. The mind has no frame and could go about at any angle we wish and command it to go. Our life has just been stagnant because we have slept on the power of our mind and how we can utilize it for our personal growth.

Whatever you are thinking, you are passing to the mind information on what to build on. You think fear and it replays that in your life, you think power and it replays that in your reality, you think accomplishment and you end up accomplishing things and checking all boxes.

I really don’t want to be the person that talks about the power of the mind and how all this visualization, affirmations, and thinking from the back can help you without first warning you that they mean nothing without actions.

You see people want to hear what works and what the easiest way to what works is, but to break it to you there’s no easy way to anything.

Wake up to reality and realize that everything needs motion to move and when you don’t provide that motion you can look in the mirror and say all kinds of affirmations and nothing will come to pass or you can spend a huge amount of time visualizing and yet nothing will result to anything

I wanted to be Barbados, it was a plan of mine and I already put my actions in motion, me thinking from the back to my present state was me solidifying my plans and allowing a higher power to help me in my travels.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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