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7 things to leave behind in 2020

things to leave behind in 2020

The year is ending and everybody is about to enter that festive mood. This is that moment where we all forget everything troubling us and spend quality time with families and friends, creating beautiful memories and dining on beautiful food. but before we move on let’s discuss things to leave behind in 2020

2020 has been a year, a year where a lot of things happened and we are blessed to make it out, but for now let’s take a look at things to leave behind in 2020 for proper productivity and development next year.

There are lots of things that got to us this year. First, the way we see life changed and how we used to live life changed. 

One thing about the mind is when patterns are changed and a thing is done consistently the mind starts interpreting them as the new normal and a lot of things become the new normal which was never supposed to happen.

Looking at myself I started noticing a new form of thinking in me and a new form of habits, though I knew this is the survival instinct in me trying to adapt to the new environment and way of doing things, I just found most of this habit disturbing that I had to add it to things to leave behind in 2020.

Some people are not that conscious of their habits and the influence their environment creates in building new thought patterns and ways of doing things. This might be harmful to them but everybody has got things to leave behind in 2020

So what do I do about these new patterns and thinking my psyche has already developed to help me with this new world we are turning to? I had to sit with them, bring them out to the surface. 

I had to take the ones I know are productive and try to get rid of the ones I know are toxic and mentally handicap.

Sitting at home made us complacent and lost vision on a lot of things but now we have to get back on track and try to solve this issue together unless we go into 2021 with that same visionless habit we have built for ourselves

So these are my 10 things to leave behind in 2020 while moving forward into 2021, I hope we take a closer look into them and try to work on them and give them all our attention. 

Depending on when you are reading this, we are just weeks before 2020 leaves us but this still goes on into 2021 and will still continue to bring value to us.

Things to leave behind in 2020

  • Time wasting:

One of the most important things to leave behind in 2020 is time-wasting. This is the trap we all found ourselves in this year. 

we woke one day and realized we have a lot of time on our hands, like what? You mean I can wake up and not go to work, just lay in my bed all day and eat, hahaha. 

At first, that started as something awesome, like a free vacation but later on, it started looking like something vacuuming us into a state of complacency.

People started losing tab on time and we stopped doing what we needed to do when we were supposed to do them. 

The problem with this is that late into the year when the restriction was reduced a little, a lot of people started lagging behind on appointments and finished work. This affected our productivity and capability.

The brain has interpreted our months of staying at home as the new normal and that is something we need to break out from. 

The business world is about to start again and remote work might be looking like a new thing, yet time is a very vital source to us humans, and wasting it should be among things to leave behind in 2020.

  • Procrastination:

Among the things to leave behind in 2020 is procrastination. To a lot of people that procrastination was never a thing before, this year made them a major procrastinator. 

To our mind, we had a lot of time in our hands, like come to think of it all we did was wake and stay in our pajamas all day so with this we left a lot of things to tomorrow.

We are no longer in that place again and even if we are and that is the new normal, we have to find a way to be productive in this new normal. 

Remote work is happening, working and having meetings at home is happening and for the next three years, I don’t see this stopping. This moment calls for proper time management in our life

Without proper time management in our life, we are going to be losing a lot in our businesses and personal life. 

At least when we were out in the public we had a boss to hold us accountable or people holding us accountable but in our homes that is really difficult and we can lose ourselves in those excuses.

  • Indecision:

You really didn’t experience the lockdown if you don’t wake up questioning yourself and how your day is supposed to go and most especially what you will be eating today. 

You see the eating part of the day, it’s as exhausting as hell. This indecision didn’t just affect a tiny part of our day it affected everything and beyond that.

Just like I stated earlier the mind sees us do things consistently and transfer them to the psyche as normal behavior like breathing and sleeping. 

If you are thinking all this indecision was based on you staying at home all year and not engaging with the outside world you might be wrong. Things compound just like this indecision has compounded in our life.

Let me tell you a story of how I went to a restaurant after months of staying at home. I wanted some fresh air and I wanted to have a taste of what the outside feels like, so I went to this restaurant with a best friend of mine hyped up for a meal.

Given the menu to order for what I want, I found myself in an abyss of indecision. I wanted to have everything, believe me, I really wanted to. 

I just couldn’t bring myself to order something and it dawned on me 3 months of staying at home and changing my mind on what to have for the day has taken its toll outside of the home

  • Over-working:

This is the single people dilemma and in a single-person life, this is among the things to leave behind in 2020 especially in this era of working from home. 

Before the covid hit, a lot of us was already working from home, all my life I have worked from home with my laptop and phone and I know what it is like to never have an off minute talk less of an off day.

You see when you find yourself in this space you lose touch with time and reality especially when you have no one to give that attention to and show that you care about spending time together with them. 

A lot of people that were not used to the idea of working from home fell into this trap and felt like the only way they can kill this boredom and fill this void was to put hours upon hours into whatever they are doing.

This blinds you from everything in life and continuing like this will take a hit into your love life(whether you have one or not).

Without keeping this in check and controlling the amount of time you spend working from your computer you are bound to continue being single all 2021, believe me, there’s no end to this unless you put an end to it.

The very funny aspect of this is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment which is true but at the expense of your love life which is bad. Get your priority right come 2021

  • Over-thinking:

A lot of people talk about how bad Covid was/is but nobody talks about the mental health of the people it left isolated and at home protecting themselves from the deadly virus. 

If there’s anything this lockdown brought into our life it brought a lot of over-thinking. Our fears were brought to the surface and we couldn’t escape from them.

When your fears are brought to the surface you tend to think about how you can escape them or fight them. 

The default pattern when humans face their face is to run from it or numb down the pain. Over the years it was easy for us to do this thing because we are always out about our business and come back home from a hectic day to go straight to our bed

Nobody was really questioning their belief and their fears, we were occupied enough to push them down the drain and never look back but with the lockdown, we were really down with them and there was no escape from it this time.

Over the lockdown, I made sure most of my writings on the social space and blog helped my readers face their face and learn to sit with it to conquer it 

This remote work is here to stay, things might not go back the way they used to be so you are left with no choice but to sit with your face and face them head on.

  • Binging:

The entertainment industry sure tried to keep us entertained all through isolation. Netflix and other internet television sure kept us occupied from losing our minds. 

But just like everything else that happened this year it turned into a way of life and our mind interpreted that as the new normal

Binging became the new normal for us and we woke up every day to satisfy and dull our brain to it.

Don’t get me wrong, with everything happening around the world Netflix became a good idea especially for the family but to the ones who have always been productive they are going to find it difficult to get back to that productivity

Spending hours watching television ruins your mind and kills innovation in you. If you did this all year please take a look at your life now and see where you are now. 

Those time you wasted binging Netflix you could have used in learning a new skill online or reading a book so you come out ten times better and wiser in 2021

Binging should be thrown into the shopping cart of things to leave behind in 2020 because it is of no use to you anymore. 

It has done more damage to your life than you expected and should be left behind. Netflix made a lot of money this year, you should be making a lot yourself next year no matter the circumstances

  • Unhealthy eating:

The gym was closed and our diet plans closed too. See I can’t lie to you or make this up but every skinny girl I know added some weight over the lockdown and every fit person I know started to lose it at some point and it was crazy to watch all this happen around me.

I remember getting out to meet some friends and coming back asking myself what happened, did people forget to eat healthily. 

I can’t say I was exceptional though, I fell for the sugar treat most times (I mean many times) but having a gym at home was a blessing during the lockdown but a lot of people let themselves fall off the radar with this lockdown.

Some gyms are finally open depending on the country you are reading from but apart from that 2021 Is not the year you want to go about eating unhealthy, please get your eating habit together and put this unhealthy eating habit in things you need to get rid of.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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