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The power of prioritizing


A clustering mind, a disorganized desk, an unchecked to-do list, meetings that were not supposed to be meetings but information passed through an email and many self-enhanced working disabilities we inflict on ourselves, name them all we all have been there. Losing focus on what’s important at the moment, trying to please someone important to us to the detriment of our own schedule end up having a huge effect on our work. Keeping priority might sometimes be the hardest thing we can do for ourselves but do the greatest thing we can learn to do for ourselves but how do we go about this process.

There’s power to disorganization and power to prioritizing/organization, these powers show themselves in our results/delivery. You can be a slave to your workflow and environment or you can be the master controller of your workflow and environment.

Before we start discussing the power of prioritizing and the advantages it brings to our life we have to discuss the things that stop us from prioritizing our everyday life. There are forces we have created for ourselves that punch a hole in our workflow without us realizing and many a time this is done unconsciously that even when we decide to change we still find ourselves in that space  

One of the first and biggest influences of disorganization in our life and workplace is our environment, many of us have gone on to create an environment that handicaps our creativity and production then wonder why we don’t get things done and never deliver our A-game to the performance of our life.

Our environment can break us or make us and we as human are easily distracted especially when we have surrounded ourselves with those things hold power over our attention.   

The second influence is lack of discipline, for us to truly start prioritizing and work on what is most important at the moment we need a huge amount of will power and discipline to do that, we lack this discipline in our everyday works, only a few among the human populace can sit at one particular place and do the work that is called of him or her.

With the rapid growth of social media over the past decade everybody feels the urge to pick up their phone every 5 minutes to keep up with their friends and the world, the huge amount of information within our arms reach and has made far from our own productivity

The third most major part of our disorganization is our lack of the use of the word ‘NO’, a lot of us would rather shit our pants than say NO to anybody especially the ones we love and care deeply for. This might sound harsh but your YES comes as a detriment to your productivity.

You can’t answer every call and be at every meeting, you can’t pour yourself into everything and expect to still be creative or put in 100% into your workflow attending to people leaves you exhausted whether  

How to build a habit of prioritizing

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously, when we look at our workflow and how disorganize our life and schedule is we should realize that this didn’t happen in a day, we didn’t get to climb this mountain of disorganization in just a day, it is a long list of not prioritizing our activity

Where we are today is a collection of our daily routine that has compounded and led our life downhill, our daily routine, though to us productive has led us into being unproductive and for we to break out of that circle we need to reconstruct our daily routine that falls on the part of productivity and positivity

First, our environment is everything, it is where we spend a huge amount of time. Your environment is the first place you want to tackle and start the problem solving from.

What are the things that you know drive distractions to you? When I was a victim to distractions I always find distractions in my phones and notification, this was driven mostly by the fear of missing out on the conversations of my friends and whatever is happening on the feed

Email too became a huge source of distraction to me because it stopped me from doing the most work and prioritizing the early hours of my day, being a firm believer of the first few hours being the most productive hours of the day I had to work on this, I had to really to figure how to clear my environment and make it ready for the very best result of creativity

The first step I took in doing this is to make sure I wake up to an environment that is production-ready, before I go to bed I made sure my phone was off and my to-do list was written down on a sticky paper and hanging on my wall, everything I will be needing the next morning was ready, close to arms reach and on my desk

I created an environment that worked for my creative purpose and erased everything that worked against it, this is where discipline comes in because the things that I ended up removing are the things that bring me joy in the process even though they were a huge distraction, I had to postpone the use of them to later in the day, things like checking my feed and funny videos on the net

A more bold move I made that falls on environment and discipline was letting everyone around me know I needed privacy around this time day of the day and won’t be answering nor replying to any messages, emails, or calls during this hour of the day

Prioritization means selfishness, sometimes it is putting what’s important to you and what’s important for the greater good first, that greater good can be family and friends and if they love you more they will understand this decision and respect it

The habit of going out to eat had to be stopped so a more productive activity might be done in that process of spending time in the restaurant, you want to own your time and maximize it not giving it to any activity that doesn’t bring any personal gain out of you and taking more time in preparing your own food is a healthy choice that will bring its own personal growth down to you

In the process of living time in saving mode, you also need to develop the habit of saying NO to things, especially saying NO to those yeses that fall as a detriment to your creativity.

Yes we have loved ones and these loved ones want us every now and then but we should try explaining things for them and probably allocate time to their wants and errands but anything that lets us go out of our boundaries we have set should be shunned at and disregarded

If bad habits have led us to live a life of unproductivity and lack of creativeness then good habits can change them all.

Working on this good habit, taking care of your environment and making sure everything is in place immediately you hit that workflow, eliminating distractions, be disciplined enough to get rid of the joys that serve as a distraction, maximizing and developing saying the word NO more often. All this will compound and bring great value into your life

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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