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The power of keeping things simple in business


We all know the businesses that grow and makes it are business that has done the work to make the customer experience special. A good business and a perfect way of making money rest on how easy they made people feel lazier.

Human nature in us wants other people to do the majority of the work we are supposed to do and great business and owners make sure to exploit this nature in us and that is why we continue to choose their product and services.

Humans are inherently lazy, this we can’t help, and if you are not trying to make things simple and easy for them to use don’t be surprised when no one gives you their ears or money or time.

Humans will pick the product that is placed on the same eye level with theirs on the shelf and convince themselves that that is what they came to buy all along. Humans will use a product because its promises to do the work 10x faster than they can do it.

Having a prosperous business rest on this simple human trait and building a successful business takes having in mind this simple human trait. It is not about you neither is it about what you want but it is about what the people want and how you can fulfill that human laziness.

You want to make people’s life easier, you want to make them lazier. That is what great companies of this age did and that is what the new ones are going to do and also that is what the future billionaires will do.

Amazon did it and made us lazy while making it easy for us to buy books and have them brought down to us. Uber changed how we have to leave our house and go stand at the road hailing a taxi, they made it easy for us to call a taxi while still preparing to leave our house.

Facebook made it easy for us to connect with family and past friends and classmates. Instagram made it easy to make us feel like a professional photographer.

All these are what we have to have in mind when creating the next breakout product or services that impact humanity just like this business impacted us and our everyday life.

A business that is not looking to make people’s lives easy will never succeed no matter how efficient its production process is and the people working to its completion.

For you to understand how to make or produce the next breakout product or service you should look at your environment and ask yourself what is missing, what are they spending much time on that can be automated and made to make their life easier than before.

Everything we need to know and understand is in our everyday environment. Understanding that people are more valuable than money will open your eyes to this and you will see what people are really lacking in their everyday environment and you will get to work and make that happen.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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