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The Mind

The mind

The mind is like a creature on its own, a living thing that lives inside a living thing. It is the most delicate living thing that supersedes human but needs human to survive.

Our mind is the greatest weapon and asset to us humans and is a thing that lives in us it feeds and goes out searching for information to feed itself with or without our command.

What it chooses to feed itself if not controlled ends up controlling our life and that’s how powerful the mind can be.

As a thing that has a life of its own it chooses to roam, it chooses to access whatever information it wants to access even to the detriment of the body and soul it occupies. The mind can act independently of itself making its rule and passing its law down to us to follow.

Though the mind powerful like that seeks to be controlled and when it is not controlled takes the driving wheel and exhibit all these characteristics that go on to ruin the life it occupies.

The mind taking the driving seat of the soul makes an irrational decision, accepts information that worn out the soul, and gives out thought that breaks the body.  

To control the mind is like trying to control a wild dog, you are either doing it with discipline or it’s derailing you down the pit of hell. You either choose to give it the command of what to access and what not to access or it goes around taking in junks into your brain cell.

The mind seeks to feed and as it feeds it grows and when it grows with the wrong information and lack of consciousness it shrinks the life it occupies

Passing the right command and discipline to the mind makes it stretch and show you the possibility that surrounds you and how you can elevate your life

The prosperity of our lives rests on our minds and the thought we pass to it. The food we feed it either stretches it or makes it shrink. A mind that is healthy leads a healthy life.

The mind seeks to be fed something positive just like our body seeks to be fed something healthy, the wrong food, too much oily and fatty food leads to obese just like too much negativity and doubt leads to poor life choices and wrong decisions.

The mind is the center of everything, it is where everything originates from. it is the beginning of everything, every great accomplishment started from the mind and every great human detriment and disaster begins from the mind.

Your life rests in the development of your mind and that is what you should spend every hour of the day of your life taking care of.

The creator of the universe has given man all he needs to make his life and planet better but have again have given him all he needs to destroy his own life if he doesn’t take care of the greatest tool ever created.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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