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The Journey: Do we find answers before embarking

Answers to the journey

The conventional way of seeing it is having the answer before we embark on a journey. most times with recent technology we want to know the atmosphere of the road we want to know the dangers and speculate about the journey, we need every information possible before we embark on the journey.

This is how we all expect things to go, answers before actions, that’s the conventional way of life, the many paths thousands of people choose to travel but this exact same path will not bring the answers we crave so bad to us. we will never achieve anything while sitting down on the sideline waiting for the answers to come to us and show themselves to us

One thing people fail to understand is that the answers will never come before the journey, that the answers are found along the journey. The taking of the leap is what will bring our required life down to us and make us live the life we so dream about

I use to be that person that will never start without having all the answers, telling myself that I need to get the money before I start, convincing myself I need this kind of audience or a particular amount of people to begin.

I love creating but I’m very shy about the execution because after all who is going to consume them anyway not like family and friends will care enough to support that much

All these mental excuses really messed with my mind and never allowed me to start.

Though I had plans and I knew what direction to take but my want for answers before the action crippled my decision making and made me a major procrastinator with my work. It took me a long time to figure out how I’m the initiator of my problem

Looking back at those moments and searching deep down within myself the root cause of procrastination and avoidance of action was fear, fear that nobody will really take me serious, fear that I will never actually get to my destination, fear that I will be stuck on the road and unable to get back home

I was scared to be alone and all this is the core reason why a majority of us are still in the same place that we have been for so long, a fear that roots from wanting to know the unknown before jumping or taking the leap of action

Our comfort seems so appealing to us that we never want to lose it, we still want this comfort on the road we still crave these certainties on the road. it makes and moves us to search for answer before the journey and will never allow us to embark on the journey without certainties

We humans have a long appetite for certainties and familiarities, we want to see patterns in everything we do we want to be able to recognize things when we see them so we don’t get lost, we have a radical fear for anything nuance because it threatens our comfort and certainties.

When we are about to start anything new it freaks us and we ask “what if”, we tend to create a pleasing image of what the road should look like but will continue to deny ourselves the joy of starting and embarking on our journey

With the fear of uncertainties and losing our comfort comes disappointment, we might be thinking we have already put ourselves on the line of losing our comfort but what if it doesn’t work out the way we planned what if things went wrong.

We unconsciously program our mind for failures and creating problems already before there seems to be a problem. a problem we imagined ourselves that has no root or even occurred yet our.

fear for this disappointment on the road is another major factor that keeps us handicapped on action-taking and smart decision making


Many times our problem comes from not knowing where and when to start, I have a friend that will say “our problem lies in starting, immediately we do we figure everything out “.

We all just need that push, that person that will tell us to get up and go but we won’t find this person outside of ourselves we have to be able to push ourselves to start from where we are and stop giving excuses that it is not yet time

Before embarking on my journey I gave so many excuses about not having an audience yet I thought I needed this and that. I thought I had to find someone to invest in whatever idea I have but all this ended up being an excuse for me not to begin and get things going.

I will never get my audience without starting neither will I have the funds I need to put my project on the wheel by sitting down all day binge-watching TV. Doing things is how I’m going to get things done and achieve whatever I want

The truth is we will never find ourselves complete, we might not be that macho man we always want to be, that business savvy salesman, that perfect model, or the crazy scientist but who cares all this is just another excuse and fantasy we play in our head.

You have got to start with who you are in your imperfections, you work yourself to perfection

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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