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Everyone is teaching but being able to sell those idea gets you heard


When you look around the world, everyone is a teacher and everyone has something to teach somebody. We are all students and we are all teachers, teaching what we know by trying to express the things we know to anybody that cares enough to listen

You see no matter the person or their level in life everyone has something they have been through that they can address and give insight on. I am a strong believer that the homeless man knows much than the man in a suit and tie

Experience matters and to those that have felt the blow of the world and its circumstances tend to feel the pain more and walk around with its lesson. When you talk to a homeless you hear the wisdom that comes from pain

A homeless man tries to help you avoid the loophole he finds himself in so he goes on giving you a real-life hack on how to do that. That is teaching at its highest level, a real-life street wise teaching of a past mistake.

But if life truly ends in teaching then everyone would have been successful at that, everyone who has the confidence to speak out loud would have been great at passing his or her message like the homeless man

We ask ourselves what is the difference between the homeless man with real street knowledge and life hack and the man sitting inside an office on top of a skyscraper giving out orders to his subordinate.

When you take a closer look at both, they are both teaching somehow and someway but there is something that differentiates them both, something that makes one to be taken seriously and the other unserious.

Difference between teaching and selling

What differentiates both of these men is the power of selling. Both have something to talk about, one has the knowledge enough to sell what he’s talking about.

We are all teachers but not all of us are sellers. To be listened to and to be taken seriously you have to know how to sell your stories. Teaching is a story, whether in written form or oral form.

The homeless man tells a story of his struggles and teaches you his experience but he has no knowledge on how to sell those experiences.

The only time he can have the opportunity to tell that story is when someone gives him an audience. He can’t stop you on the way and start telling you those stories even if they will change your life and how you see the world

He has the stories and the ability to teach them but he lacks the skill of persuasion, the skill of winning an audience for himself to tell his story on a larger platform than what he knows.

This is the life of many of us, we all have something to say but we don’t know who to say it to. The problem in our forebrain remains, who is going to listen to all this. Our challenges aren’t our confidence but our ability to sell whatever we have in our head that can end up lucrative

The man sitting inside an office on top of the building is no different from the man with large following teaching the experience he has accumulated down the road. Both are selling something and are very good at selling whatever they are selling.

You see people are ready to listen to whatever you have to say if you just know how to make them listen to whatever you have to say. You have to be good at selling yourself and your ideas and most especially selling them to the right people who demand it.

Understanding your message is not for everybody gives you the clarity to go find the right people to help spread whatever you have to teach your audience. This is the first step to every good thing.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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