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Stand on your two feet: The harmful effect of not being able to

Stand on your two feet

People want to believe there’s someone coming to save them, they think the government care so much about them that the change of government means a change in the state of living. All that is just thoughts and hopes we harbor to think help is coming and it will get better someday. Truth is, it is going to be better someday but that will happen when you learn how to stand on your two feet

No one is coming to save us from ourselves and not even the government cares that much to give a helping hand to its citizen. They might try to make life easy with human amenities and infrastructure but that doesn’t mean they are going to drop a million dollars on your doorstep.

This is the thinking of a majority of the people in the world now. We want to keep up with the news to see the happenings of the world and expecting to someday wake up to the news that the government is coming to take away our pains and problems.

We hold on to this belief and keep having faith in the government while the government continue to move from one regime to another without change

Until we learn how to stand on our two feet we will keep expecting the government and other people to do for us what we can be doing for ourselves. We will keep hoping that manna will fall from heaven and we will have our fill or somebody will come to drive our pain away.

Some religious book promise that at the end we are going to have a messiah come to take away our pain but me and you should know that is the end, and the end sometimes means when we stop existing on earth.  Between me and you, I see no reason for expecting better when we have stopped existing to enjoy that better.

And I still remember that the religious book promises us that heaven helps those who help themselves and this verse helps put things in perspective of how the world works. Until you choose to stand on your two feet the creator won’t stand by you and that’s for sure.

Our creator hates laziness and inaction but most especially our creator hates idleness. Waiting on people to come put food in your mouth is idle living. Waiting for things to be done for you without moving the right finger is idleness and the creator doesn’t endorse or bless those efforts

The biggest sin is going through your problem in life without finding the solution to them. Those problems will never cease existing unless you try to make them stop. But the process of standing on our two feet might be confusing, especially when we have believed in otherwise for so long.

Breaking old patterns can’t be that easy believe me. It feels like a shock to wake up to the reality that nobody is coming to save you from yourself and you are all you got in this world.

Don’t get me wrong, you might have family and friends that truly and exceptionally care about you, you might have family that is ready to create a business for you and want you to succeed but that love you receive from your family has its own limit.

Everything has got its own limit and as much as there’s help around you the only thing they can do for you is point the way for you, nobody is going to walk the way for you. You are left in this world to learn how to stand on your two feet or get lost in the sand.

No matter the way or direction of your life, no matter whether you were shown great love by family and friends or nobody was really there for you, everyone still faces the same reality and that reality is, you are facing this life on your own. You are all you have got and you should know how to take care of yourself because self-preservation is the first rule of nature

So what is the process that comes with standing on your two feet, how do you go about that? A lot of people are not awakened to this reality yet so they don’t know how to go about that and get the result they want from walking this life relying on themselves. I will try to discuss briefly how we can start developing the habit of standing on our two feet

Developing the habit to stand on your two feet

The first step to stand on your two feet is getting rid of expectations. Forget about being found and start making effort to being heard. Why are you waiting on them to see you when you can speak your message and have them hear you and run to you? Expectations ruin everything, it ruins your dream. You don’t expect another to do for you what you can be doing for yourself

Nobody ever did anything in this life by expecting other people to hand them the tools they need to make the change they seek.

Your family might be a great helping hand but you don’t expect them to run your business for you. In that aspect, you are left alone and you should start making those decisions that elevate you without expectation.

Entitlement drowns everyone. Many people walk this earth feeling like they are deserving of every good thing without making any effort to get those good things.

They think they are deserving of other people’s time and wealth. To stand on your two feet you have to learn how to get rid of entitlement. You have to stop feeling like your government owes you anything (even if they do)

No one owes you anything and I mean it, no one owes you anything. You want to tattoo those words in your heart so it stops you from being bitter about your situation.

People refuse to move forward in life because of the bitterness they have in the heart from disappointment. Expectations and entitlement go hand in hand and they bring the most sadness to people. You want to get rid of them.

To stand on your two feet is to fall on your face, it is expected but that is not final. The third and final phase of learning how to stand on your feet is learning how to be resilient. Anyone who tells you you won’t fail at your first try or your first business is lying to you and preaching false hope to you. Everybody fails at something new but that is not the final point. With every failure, you have learned how to pick yourself up again

To stand on your two feet is to put yourself on the stage and pay the price that comes with putting yourself on the stage is having a lot of eyes on your especially people that want to see you fail and get back to the flock of ship you once was in.

The ships are looking at you and expecting you to come to join them back. You don’t want to give them such entertainment. For every failure stand up ten times taller.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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