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Soulmate: The point we miss


I swore she was the one for me my every bone in my body told me she was one she understood me and I understood her it was like a match made in heaven we were born for each other and we shared everything with each other, every memory and thought made me know I was going to make her my wife and spend the rest of our life together forever, nothing could ever separate us I knew she was my soulmate and nothing could tell me different

Though after several years together we broke up our loving relationship on mutual terms, nothing was wrong things weren’t just happening the way we predicted them to happen and even though we fought to make things work out for the both of us the universe just have its own plans whether we want it to be or not that’s the way of life

A soulmate is a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner or we can go further and say a soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, this may involve similarity, love, romance, or platonic relationship

People walk around with this belief of what a soulmate should be and once we lose that person we think is our soulmate we go on to be discouraged and think our soulmate is gone forever or never coming back

People go on to also believe that a soulmate is someone in someplace waiting to get us out of our troubles, a person who will bring together everything we have lost and make the sunshine back into our lives, in as much as this is a deep-held belief among the majority of people a soulmate isn’t something we all picture to be let us discuss the point we miss

Misled point of soulmate                                                          

  • A once in a lifetime person:

When I broke up I thought I was done for real like how could I ever find another person to fill such space she had in my life, I thought I will never get to meet another person I thought my idea of what a soulmate is have been blown in thin air and I will end up like those people that get married without a real attraction and intimacy

All this became the excuse and lies I told myself not to move on and find someone new or emotionally invest in someone, a soulmate is just a word and if we can ignite such amazing feeling with someone in the past we can still ignite that same feeling with someone new, that same thing we felt once can be reciprocated to anyone so far we put our trust in ourselves and allow ourselves love again

  • A person to take our pain away:

Before my break up before my relationship, I had a rough streak of crazy relationships and breakups so I held on to this belief of a savior who will come and bring back happiness into my life.

A love that speaks to my soul but the truth I was refusing to tell myself then was that nobody was coming to save me and I’m all alone with my demons and no matter how loving and caring the next love might seem to be I will never be satisfied because my happiness rests on the hands of an outsider.

For me to truly love I have to love myself and be comfortable facing my pains.

The reason I can come here talking about my last relationship and how nice it was was that I worked on loving myself and realizing no one is coming to save me from myself which still gives me that same sense of being comfortable and confident with myself no matter how my next relationship turns out

  • A person that brings everything together:

We tend to think or feel like only a person called soulmate can bring happiness into our life and if that person is our soulmate then that person will bring sunshine into our life but what we forget to learn is everybody comes with their own package and nobody on earth is born perfect without a fault.

This idea we tend to carry in our head makes us go haywire and lose interest in our relationship when we get into a fight with our partner because we tend to think if we can fight with him or her then that person is not the one

Now that we have identified the point we miss in the term soulmate let us identify what really is a soulmate and how can we know we got one by our side or how can we make one our soulmate.

This particular question is the most asked about, when we take a closer look at it the word soulmate, we come to realize it is just a word but the real meaning of a soulmate is that person we have made the decision to tolerate to understand and to share more with

Anyone can be our soulmate with those three decision shared by both parties. In our journey of finding the right one we will never find the right one, people come with their different belief and way of life and being that we were raised different, most of us come with own childhood traumas and conditioning.

The mindset of finding our soulmate is trying to be more tolerating and understanding with each other’s shortcomings and knowing where to make amendments to our shortcomings

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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