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How do you keep your life simple and happy?

simple and happy

When you start understanding that it is the simple things that matter you start viewing life in different ways, a lot of people live life searching for a simple and happy way to live life but end up missing the point to this approach. 

All life’s answer is in front of us but we choose to miss them because humans will rather make things complex than make them simple. We never stop to think that those things that society say don’t matter might be the place we can find happiness and live simple

Most times we feel it is the things society glamorizes that bring respect and happiness into our lives, but along the line, we find out we have been wrong and society has been preaching a lost way for so long.

Look around you and you will realize how many people are unhappy, even the people with money still have problems, they still have something that still keeps them up at night. You are not different from them if you don’t have money and if you do you will realize it doesn’t bring that life fulfillment and peace of mind.

This is not me saying you should go look for money because truth be told money solves a lot of problems and it is really necessary for life but the emphasis on it has made a lot of people lose their way. I feel money has made a lot of people go far away from humanity.

In finding a simple and happy life one must first know what they want from life and stick to it. You have to know it is what matters, don’t deceive yourself and chase a facade, avoid the hype of society and look at the people that are truly happy not the people that are pretending to be.

Know that after all is said and done, after we die and leave this plane there’s nothing we have accumulated that will leave this plane with us.

When you start understanding it is those moments with loved ones that matter, that laughter we share with the people we love that mean the most and bring that permanent healing and joy into our life

Those meals cooked with love, those little conversations we have with strangers, point us in the right direction.

All these are what bring meaning to life and when you hold dear to these simple things your life automatically becomes fruitful and happy.

Before concluding this article I want to address that you don’t have to see simple as less ambitious, there are a lot of ambitious people that have learnt to appreciate the simplicity of life. 

I, for example, used to think of a simple life as being more ambitious but the more I started making successful friends and having a glimpse into their lifestyle I started realizing that I have been wrong. That we can still choose to go after our dreams, make a huge amount of money, and still choose to live a simple life and be happy.

And sometimes in the chase of a simple and happy life, a lot of people fall into mediocrity, you don’t want to be these people. Just as I said you can choose to go deep in life, go all out and do the necessary work without losing sight of what is important in life.

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