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Siddhartha the Indian poem a book that goes against the structure of this blog which is strictly nonfiction books will have me falling in love with and have me wanting to break my own rules and do summary of it Hermann Hesse delivered and another master class of spirituality and self-development though written in Germany but later translated into English you still could feel the joy of the words and how it romances with its message it was a short read for me but I cherish every minute of it this is my summary


The first chapter of Siddhartha already started as a classic Siddhartha a boy born into a very reputable family taught by the best admired by all a son of a Brahmin a very noble Brahmin but yet he still goes around feeling empty feeling as if there’s more to life than just what he sees around he knew there’s a state called heavenly state where the urge of want no longer exist where the resting place of the Atman lives in the individual a state where nothing needs to be done because you are one with the Atman he knew all this and also know with all the knowledge and wise men he is surrounded with no one actually has reached this state not even his father this made him make the decision of joining the samanas the samanas are ascetic pilgrims who walk around almost naked chanting and singing wandering in the forest according to the reaction of the father it seems the samanas are not worthy individuals you want to associate with because it took him some feelings of displeasure according to the paragraph to grant Siddhartha request after much persistent Siddhartha will embark on a journey of self with his best friend Govinda 

Siddhartha will leave everything behind to go be with the Samanas in the forest and beg to learn and live with them he would give up even his clothing his main goal with joining the samanas was to terminate the ego to live without identification of the self to be free of all that and be one with the Atman he will wander the street and see different things that makes society but call them illusion of living as his training went on he will learn to live with pain and hunger standing in the sun for hours bleeding and stop bleeding hungry to not feeling hungry he will come to find out this exercise are escape from the soul so one day on his way to beg for food for himself and other samanas he engaged in a dialogue with Govinda his friend about their exercise with the samanas and if it was a progress or them going on in circles claiming that his soul still thirst and he is far away from wisdom like a new born baby he would go on to compare himself to the oxen driver who after work goes into the inn to drink rice water and get intoxicated to forget the self he claims the exercises being thought by the samanas is just an escape from the self not an actualization of being one with Atman and it will never get them to Nirvana and how much he has lost hope in the teachings of wise men then claims there’s nothing like learning only knowing exists

Soon rumors were flying around town that a great teacher whom the people is pleased with have arrived a Buddha from descendant of the Sakya rumors of praise were flowing up and down about him Govinda went up to Siddhartha to tell him the things he heard from a visit to a Brahmins house he would go on to tell Siddhartha that they should consider going to see what this man has to offer and leave the samanas Siddhartha being something he has been yearning for would go ask for permission to leave the samanas 

Siddhartha and Govinda arrived the town of Savathi where the Buddha lives as with the attitude of a samanas they begging for food and found someone who agreed to feed them this woman directed them to the residents of the Buddha which thousands of other pilgrims flock the space of the Buddha to listen to the teachings the two friends will go on to join the other pilgrims and listen to the teachings of Gautama who thought on all the principles of the Buddha Govinda will go on to become a discipline of the doctrine and Siddhartha will go on into the journey of awakening after a dialogue with the Buddha claiming how perfect his doctrine is but following it will lead him to devotion of the doctrine and to the Buddha and not him it will be a distraction from what he is seeking

On Siddhartha way outside the Jetavata groove Siddhartha will get deep in thought about his life so far and the longing of evading the self and the ego after realizing that all this while he has been running from himself and lying to himself about being one with Atman and the Divine he will realize there’s nothing about multiplicity like he was thought by the Brahmin because things exist just because they exist just because Atman is in them all resting on them all in him Siddhartha he will tell himself in the process of evading the soul he ends up not knowing himself and this will lead to his Awakening and just like every Awakening soul he finds himself alone with no one to belong no place to resonates with he has been reborn he couldn’t go back to his father he couldn’t go back anywhere

Siddhartha found himself a wanderer again in the forest but this time with a different perspective and way of seeing life he has come to be present and observing everything he has thought as a waste of time but this chapter has some intriguing aspect to it which I really commended the writer for being a able to lose the reader this chapter will have a Siddhartha chasing love and lust first of the explicit dream he had about a woman’s breast and it’s intoxication to the woman he met at the river bank where he nearly got intimate with Siddhartha will arrive at the city and meet the beautiful Kamala who would go on to change the course of Siddhartha life making him drop and abandon the samanas doctrine making him search deep within himself and think of which value he can bring to society for monetary gain Kamala will find him a job at a wealthy merchants place and kind of share a feeling with him but on agreement he founds wealth first

Siddhartha will meet Kamaswami and help him with what is known today as book keeping though Kamaswami a very passionate man when it comes to business will never find Siddhartha harboring such trait Siddhartha was never deep into the dealings of business he saw everything as a game and yet was successful at them all he will describe himself as a spectator in life rather than a player when he made profits and when he lost he was of the same person Kamala was the only one who brought light in him in a dialogue with Kamala he described different types of people the people who think like a child the people who are like leaves cut from a tree and floating on the air and people who stand high above like the star where the wind or nothing could touch them and he described Guatama as the only perfect man he has seen that embodies such trait in this dialogue Kamala will remind him of how many times he has spoken of Guatama and how his heart still belongs to samanas and not her

Years will go by and Siddhartha will find himself a very wealthy man leading the worldly life though he still sees everything as a game but with every day he was getting sunk into that game having a feeling of emptiness around him he would envy the child people and their infatuation and importance of their life because he couldn’t find any importance and couldn’t learn to instead he learns the characters of the child people he despises the most he hated his wealth but still finds that the chasing of it is what brings the fire in him Siddhartha will therefore embark on huge dice rolling habit and put huge stakes on his bet this was as a means of rebelling against his wealth losing and going in search of more money chasing again with every moment he was sinking deep into depression he knew this was not the life he wanted he knew he was living a lie he knew he has forgotten the samana way drinking wine having pleasure watching dancing girls eating flesh and fish now even Kamala noticed the dissatisfaction in him which will be the last time they will meet Siddhartha will have a dream about the dying of a songbird and go deep into introspection questioning everything he has and has known this past few years of him trailing another path he would find no meaning in them therefore living them all behind

Siddhartha will find himself where he started again he will feel like a child like someone reborn but before that satisfaction of someone being reborn he would hate himself and everything he had stood for he would hate his past few years and talk about how he gave himself up to worldly things he would try to kill himself willing to get rid of everything and himself in the midst of jumping into the River he would hear a voice within him say OM and remind him of his Brahmin background Siddhartha will again regain consciousness of himself and what he really stood for in his waking from a deep sleep that felt like an eternal sleep he would find Govinda his youth friend sitting close to him now a monk but Govinda would not recognize Siddhartha because of the huge changes he has gone through and the extravagant look he had on Siddhartha will go on explaining to him that life is transitory him Siddhartha is transitory they will bid farewell again and each go their different path


Still wandering the river bank Siddhartha will find a boat and it’s ferry man the man who took him cross the river when he was on his way to the city finding this man his heart gladdens the man won’t recognize him just as everybody who knew his past life won’t recognize him but with a brief description and discussion he will come to recognize him and invite him to spend the night they would have something to eat and go rest at the branch of a tree near the River bank where Siddhartha will go on to tell him his story from his birth to his accumulation of wealth and power and how he lost his way and left everything behind Siddhartha will find out that this man was the most perfect listener he has met and would ask him to teach him the ways of listening which the man would say he learnt from the river that the river talks and he listens that if Siddhartha could live with him the river would also teach him how to listen

The ferry man Vasudeva and Siddhartha will live together for years and come to gain and enjoy the wisdom of the river together Siddhartha will learn the ways of the boat and the two men will ferry hundreds of people across the river in one particular moment in their daily task they will come to ferry a huge number of monks who will tell them that the sublime one Guatama is in his last days his final death and all are going to see him for the last time before he dies before the grave illness takes him among this huge amount of pilgrims crossing the ferry to go see the sublime one was Kamala and his son but before Kamala could cross the river bank she got bitten by a dark snake the Ferryman will come rescue her and take her to the hut where Siddhartha will come to know the woman who was bitten by a snake was Kamala and the son that was with him was his though their reunion will last for a short time the venom from the snake has filled Kamala up and left her in the hands of death Siddhartha will go to the river bank and mourn her and by morning bury her in the pyre he will conclude “he that was happy and Rich has been made happier and Richer”

With his son by his side Siddhartha thought it will be a happy beginning between the both of them though the boy still sad and shy from the death of her mother Siddhartha thought this was just a temporary issue and the boy will come around but that wasn’t the case months went by and the situation with the young boy still kept getting worse he was spoilt and arrogant never listening or taking reverence to elders he would do nothing Siddhartha ask him to do and will bring much pain to Siddhartha Vasudeva would advise Siddhartha to go return the boy back to his mother place or put him with a teacher where he can be with other people his age but Siddhartha could not bring himself to carry out this thought he would come to remember when he was told he could not love anyone by Kamala but now he is lost in love with his son who was not reciprocating any of the feelings back the son would one day leave Siddhartha and find it’s root

With the departing of his son Siddhartha will harbor a wounded heart he will become envious of the child people he would change his view of them and see them in another light this time with no pride he will see their infatuation as no game their passion and every feeling he will come to realize what governs them are drives and desire that the knowledgeable man is not far better than him the wound in his heart will refuse to heal and he will get ready to embark on a journey to go find his son but on his way he will hear the river laugh at him he will see the river show him the past his past life and how he abandoned his own father and went on his part he will go on to tell Vasudeva about what he saw and heard and his past life Vasudeva would take him to the river to go listen more and this will bring the enlightenment he has been searching all his life immediately Vasudeva realized he has gotten the message and reached the height Vasudeva will exclaim that he has waited a long time for this and now it’s time to go

The last chapter ended with conversation between Govinda and Siddhartha Govinda who was with other monks at the city pleasure garden will hear of a wise man who was a ferry journeying back to the Grove he would choose to follow the path of the river so he could catch a glimpse of this wise and perfect one he would get there and find out this wise man was Siddhartha which will lead to another reunion between the two Siddhartha will have his friend sleep over in his hut and the two will engage on some enlightening conversation Govinda who was still searching will be told that because he has been searching all his life he has refused to see what is beneath in Siddhartha will go on to say wisdom can’t be transferred from one person to another and there’s nothing that’s not existing at once everything is and are one all this would convince Govinda but after kissing the four head of Siddhartha just as he was commanded he would see things never before seen

This is where I end today’s article and I hope you had a wonderful reading experience remember this is an open discussion, do drop your take on the comment section and never forget I need you more closer subscribe to my telegram channel lets connect

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