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You show people how to treat you, learn how to paint the right image

show people how to treat you

When we meet someone new, we have no absolute idea of how to treat this person or the respect to accord this person. With the first introduction, this person is a blank space to us so we go ahead watching how they treat themselves. One big factor we miss is we control the narrative people see us in, you show people how to treat you. The big question now is what pictures are we painting?

It might take time for us to fully uncover the character of a person but in watching how people treat themselves we know how to treat them. We have no clue about anything, humans are really great with pattern recognition and bad nuanced assessment.

The truth about this matter is we are watching each other and we are doing it unconsciously. People don’t have time to sit down and truly know a person, we just looking for that pattern recognition.

We want to look at the way people act to be able to treat them the same way. To us there is nothing new to know about anybody but what they choose to show us daily

Whether you realize it or not people are watching you and how you treat yourself and they are mirroring those actions back. Whatever you are is what people show you. More than ever you control the narrative people see you in and to those that don’t understand this aspect of life they think people define them.

People are just as clueless as me and you when thrown into a new situation. Not everyone’s brain is capable of handling nuance and doing well at new things. When thrown into a situation that requires new thinking and approaches all we do is try to find a pattern that is familiar with something we know and can recognize

With this information, you can now know you can’t control how people see you but you can learn to show people how to treat you. I know a lot of people that complain about the treatment they get from other people and how nobody seems to take them seriously, but they miss this one thing, you control the narrative and image of how people see you.

Just like the way you look for behavioral patterns in strangers people have been looking at your behavioral patterns and have found out that it is not worth paying attention to or given any respect of any such.

To understand how these works take a look at the performers with their grandeur personality, if you are someone in the entertainment industry you will know most of those grandeur personalities are just painted imagery, they are just following the phrase “show people how to treat you”

Deep inside that grandeur personality are some insecure fellow but they have just learned to control the narrative people see them in and show them what they want to see so people believe they are truly the person they choose to show us.

How to show people how to treat you

Unlike the fake grandeur personality, most of these celeb throw our way you want to able to create a personality that counts and show people how to treat you. Let’s look at this step.

Don’t disrespect yourself:

Nobody ever wakes up and disrespect another person, especially, no one ever disrespects a stranger just for no reason. If disrespect was to take place then there’s some kind of familiarity that has grown between two parties. One has watched one from afar and seen how they handled a situation sloppily.

People do what they see other people do and for disrespect to happen someone must have been tolerating it from other people for a long time to give the other person a sense that they can do the same and tend to get away with it.

If someone was to disrespect you taught them how to disrespect you and it was your fault all along. Read that again it was your fault all along.

Never leave room to be disrespected, people are watching and people are taking note. If Mr. A can disrespect you and get away with it be sure Mr. B is planning to do the same. Have enough self-respect people notice it in you and mirror that back to you. You show people how to treat you.

Be kind to others:

You are not getting much love and kindness in your life because you are not teaching people how to give that energy to you. Why do people love the performers and celebrities? Because they make them feel better and forgetful, though this is their job, but treating people with kindness and making them forget they have troubles never go out of style.

The celebrity might be a long chase but take a look at that person within your circle that everybody likes and never seem to get enough of, people actually want to do something for them whenever they ask, this person has nothing extraordinary going for them, they have just learned the art of showing people how to treat them by giving what they seek.

You want kindness and goodwill to come your way show people how to treat you by giving that same thing you want. Remember their names, do them favor, make them feel appreciated, give them the respect they deserve no matter who they are and watch all that mirrored back to you.

Dress well:

Remember how I said people are too lazy to start figuring out who people really are, yeah we are lazy, left to us to pick someone with a high status without fully knowing who they are we are going to pick the person wearing a neat Armani suit even if they have nothing going for them at all in life.

Imagery drives us and we make most of our decisions from imagery. The world is too busy moving nobody has the time to be interrogative with everybody, we just look at how you dress and we assume you are rich or poor, someone of importance or someone of no importance. Believe me we humans are cruel just like that.

So to show people how to treat you try dressing in a very sleek and perfect way. Give people a reason to want to know.

Speak well:

One of the epic ways of showing people how to treat you is by speaking well. You really don’t know what this simple trait can do in your life, you really don’t how many doors can open for you if you can just speak smoothly

People say talk is cheap but believe me talk has never been cheap. Everyone can talk and everyone can speak but only a few know how to speak well and use their words in convincing people and selling whatever they choose to sell. Be it an idea, service, or product.

People take you more seriously when you speak well. You show people how to treat you by speaking what they understand but speaking it so well and smooth. They want to be you and aspire to possess the power of a language like you do.

To show people how to treat you is based on perception, it is more imagery than it is with mindset. Most people with a great mindset and discipline gets treated with no respect or shown any attention because they are not seeing people as people.

Sometimes nobody cares if you are that intelligent, that’s why it’s so surprising to see fools get the attention you crave.

These fools understand humans more than the intelligent person does and they capitalize heavily on it. To humans seeing is believing and if we are not seeing it then we are not believing.

Whatever you show us is what we believe. You show us weakness and we believe you are weak, you show us greatness and we believe just that, you show people how to treat you.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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