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Self-Government: How to take back control


We live in a world of uncertainties nobody knows what tomorrow might bring neither can anybody change the weather (I wish I could I wish I was Dr strange or Thor) but there’s always one thing that is sure we could learn how to react to this uncertainties through our self-rule through our Self-government we could learn how to take back our power from the unforeseen circumstances looming around

We all live by different rules not just any kind of rules but self-rules things we tell ourselves never to engage in things we can never do codes we can never break and people tend to ask us why are this rules so important to us but we just look at them like “I don’t know” (insert a facial expression) maybe things go right for us whenever we do this things or maybe we tend to fuck up big time when we go against this self-rules

I use to have this belief that Mondays are sacred and nothing dirty should be done that day not even a dirty thought I live as if Mondays where like the Sabbath day you know the day the God of Israelite told his people to chill out and have some air like literally do nothing yeah that was how my Monday was and still is but apart from doing nothing it is filled with doing productive stuffs and the doing nothing is my sin it is me going against my government my regime my empire or whatever you wish you to call it

This brings me to my topic of today what is self-government? Self-government are those rules and regulation we tend to build around our life that watches and guide the way we live it is a personal structure set by an individual to live by so he or she doesn’t live life without an anchor or we can say the ability to exercise all necessary functions of regulation without intervention from an external source

When we hear the word self-government we think of it as a political ideology or political related but in as much as I hate talking about politics self-government is exactly what it is it is political but unlike the world or government political it is a political ideology of the self of what we believe in of the rules the rules we set by ourselves for ourselves to carry ourselves in everyday life and society

Self-government helps us in defining self-control both objectively and subjectively though we might live in a world that is governed by a system and this system might have its rules and expect us to abide by them but we can never abide to this rule nor can we live in a system gracefully without self-government without a set of self-rules set by us to handle the everyday pressure of living in a society

We have that one person in our circle that always gets in trouble either with the police or community or in school or whatever place they find themselves we all know the addicts we all know those things that takes away our powers even though we know deep down this are something we ought not to do all this are example of lack of self-control and lack of governance in our own life doing things that goes against who we are and what we stand for as humans apart from this things taking our powers away they make us vulnerable to the dangers of our environment they make us victims to the rules of the system they paint us in bad picture and give us a bad name believe me I’m not here to start sounding preachy because I have worn that shoe before and know how powerless I was to event and how It was impossible to get my life together without no self-control and great self-governance

I woke up one day and realize I got to start standing up for myself and winning over circumstance that tends to take away my powers because come to look at it how can I complain about the government when I can’t even be a good leader to my own government which is myself ( but don’t let anybody deceive you the government sucks no matter where you reading this from hahaha) so how did I get to fix my government?


Ways to improve self-government

Okay let’s look at it from this angle how do you get to fix up your country’s government? Bet you did say infrastructure and health care for a developing country and more financial jargons for developed country right (hehehe excuse me here) but truth be told this are one of the unique trait every good government need have or work on but now take that perspective into yourself and ask how can I be a badass leader of my government (hold up that’s why you here so chill) this are the following we need to have in mind while trying to take back control of our life

  • Be Accountable: Most of will never agree we are wrong or own up to our mistakes it is always the fault of something or circumstance when we keep on blaming our addiction and mishap to our environment and friends we lose the power to make things right after all we already convinced ourselves it is never our fault we are always right just like that asshole customer getting out of this space of always trying to pass our problem to others is the first and huge step of being a leader in our self-government we rule better by starting to own up to our BS and saying how can I make this better or adjust the situation
  • Be Responsible: In as much as most won’t take accountability many will rather die than accept the mantle of leadership even to their own lives they never want to take that challenge they never want to fill in that shoe and boss things up but we can never fix things we have no intention of fixing taking responsibility of every event that comes our way and leading our self-government is one way to fix up our self-control and create self-rules to guide us through
  • Be Observant: Being observant of every situation around us is a very huge key in building a great government in spirituality term this is called consciousness until we become conscious of our lack of leadership even in our own lives we never make that decision to be accountable and responsible
  • Stick to your rules: One of the problems we humans have is consistency it runs deep in us we might be having fun and have finally figured things out but someway someday our demons will come crawling again and try to take us to the part where we lose our powers be sure to stick to your rules just like I did even when I was not in the mood to write this (yeah I deserve a chilled beer)

This is where I end today’s article and I hope you had a wonderful reading experience. Remember this is an open discussion, do drop your take on the comment section and never forget I need you to subscribe to my newsletter to get notified when a new blog post drops

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