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Self care: The usefulness of putting you first

Self care

The beginning lesson of life is realizing that you are all you got and without you everything around you is incomplete. You complete and give meaning to things, without you taking care of yourself you can’t take care of the people around you. Self care is the most rewarding care you can give to yourself.

We have all got bills to pay and mouths to feed, to some of us the pressure mounts high on us to deliver and never let the people around us down. We tend to put the needs of others above us and go extra hard to deliver because of the love we have for these people

The scary aspect of this is that we can’t avoid this part and responsibility life has thrown at us. The majority of the people out there are parents and have got little ones to take care of and provide for.

These little ones look up to us for their needs and want, they expect our 100% love and our 100% attention. We owe it to them to bring that comfort they can grow on and turn into responsible adults in society

The other half of these people are people who tend to pick up responsibility and meet up to the challenge life calls them to.

These people are the people that rest hard on the trajectory of bruising their soul to meet up to the needs of people they owe no absolute responsibility to.

But with all the responsibility that life calls us to nothing ask more from us like ourselves. Without the proper self care, without the proper rest, we will find ourselves crashing and being unable to take care of the responsibility life has thrown at us.

Self care is the ability to put ourselves first and provide ourselves with the emotional, physical, and mental balance to be able to grow into the person we are proud of. Taking this self care seriously within ourselves will help us take care of the other people we love.

The truth is we can’t pour from an empty tank so self care and self withdrawal once in while is not a selfish trait, putting your mental state ahead of everyone else is not a selfish trait but a generous trait. For you to be of help to anyone you have to be of help to yourself first.

A leader who can’t lead himself or herself can’t fill in the shoe to lead other people. If you don’t have your mind and mental state in the right place then how can you be confident of providing for your family and giving them the right comfort and environment to blossom on.

If you can’t control your emotions then how can you have a fruitful relationship and give your very best in a relationship that demands more from you.

These are all the things that demand of us when trying to pick up the responsibility of life and deliver our best in every situation. Without the proper self-care within us without the setting aside of time to refuel and refill our mind, we will have nothing to deliver to the people we so much love.

When people hear about self care they think it is some kind of luxury which they can never afford, they think is an expensive vacation in the Bahamas or Seychelles, they think is something complex and there’s no time for all of that. When you look at this kind of people or people with this mentality you don’t really blame or try to judge them

Many grew up in a household that had little and watches their parents work hours on 3 different jobs just to provide for the house and give them the little things they deserve.

This was the reality they grew up in, there was no money for vacation or time to take rest and truly there was no money and time.

But you don’t have to live like your parents even if you find yourself in the same situations they find themselves, struggling and juggling three jobs at the same time.

How to develop self care

First, learn to breathe, this is the first state of self care within you. Take time to breathe and let all the stress subside in you, learn to calm the nerves with your breath. Breathe down into your belly and not your chest.

10 minutes doing this every day brings in great reward into your life and the more you build this habit the more you gather more minutes and learn to calm your pressure and nerves.

Secondly, learn to live in the present, this is a powerful self care routine. Come to think of it this way, if you were to leave earth today your problems will still go on living and the people you thought won’t survive without you will still go on living.

You are all you got and you should learn to enjoy the moment you have, every day above the ground is a blessing to your existence. Have a mind filled with blessings, look into the simplest things and see your blessings looking straight out at you.

Self care also means taking care of yourself on the physical level, taking care of yourself like going out to a beautiful place to do beautiful things, going out with a loved one to just get ice cream.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be taking a trip down a fancy place overseas (if you can afford that then cool), it doesn’t have to be eating out in a fancy restaurant. It is the simple things that make us come alive that means self care.

If it has to put you in debt or make you lose yourself in the process then it is not self care. Self care doesn’t hurt. When you do things that don’t bring spiritual relaxation in you and result in you feeling bad after it is done then you just engaged yourself in some self-destructive activity.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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