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Right or Wrong

Right and wrong

So lately I have been on some thoughts about right and wrong though I think I have written something on it before but Richard Wetherill brought back that topic to me after reading right is might a book of his it came to my conception about what is right or wrong and is right the same thing as truth


On the topic of right or wrong we can stand on different angle to look at the term right is it subjective or objective we have seen issues where an action is right to a particular tribe or country and wrong to another tribe and country but has right or wrong ever been a universal thing like Richard Wetherill was painting it to be in his book (Right is Might) permit me to say I didn’t actually finish that book because I was starting to get bored with Richard Wetherill excessive argumentative writing and trying so hard to prove his point

On what is right or wrong

With the lack of point delivered by Richard Wetherill in the first four chapter of his book I had to take my time to write on this topic right or wrong again and the similarity of right to truth but first of all let’s look at it from this way what is the meaning of right and what is the meaning of wrong to an individual I don’t want to treat this topic from a collective view point I want to tackle it from an individual view point we are all individuals with inherited belief raised on different discipline environment religion and political view what can be right to Mr. A might be wrong to Mr. B but in the case of living thinking and doing right could there be a universal right that governs every tribe country religious and political belief? this is a question still left void of answer and which I believe can’t be possible because people being raised with different background will surely hold on to their preconceived belief and doctrine and in the means of Mr. A doing and thinking right he could offend Mr. B without even knowing

If you ask me on a personal level if there’s anything like right or wrong am going to reply you that it doesn’t exist or rather it exist only on a subjective sense we all have different meaning of what is right and what is wrong in our personal life and even history also have its own right or wrong history has a long list of people that have done wrong and bad things but disguise them in right from the Nazi natural selection belief to Mao communist to Stalin to the eighteen century war between Catholics and protestant and history also has a long list of people who have done wrong for the right reasons every one of this people believed in some way that they doing something just and trying to help build humanity in the way they thought right and their follower believed the same

Right or wrong
Right or Wrong

Visiting the book right is might again Richard Wetherill talked about the right thought and right act bringing peace to the individual that practice it lives it and adhere to it this right thought and act ends up solving all his problem and bring everything together this I cannot dispute but also this I know a lot of people are going to dispute people who have gotten to the position they now enjoy through cheating and dishonesty people who have done bad things to people and also live in a self-acclaimed peace but in as much as much evil has been done in the world with no absolute punishment and many of this people go on living their best life I think in the long run right always win in the long run that self-acclaimed peace and joy from dishonesty is just a temporary one and will surely lead to destruction

This brings me to the last topic of the similarity and relationship between right and truth which I didn’t see the author tackle in the first four paragraph before I got bored (permit my lazy self and oh maybe he did but who knows lol) in as much as right is subjective truth remains objective truth reigns supreme and from any angle you want to look at it truth remains truth no matter the political religious or background view truth belongs to no one and respects no one so if all I was reading in the first four chapter of right is might was based on truth it would have sounded more logical and sensible to me anybody can do wrong and claim they did right but going against truth is going against the universal law of nature

This is where I end today’s article and I hope you had a wonderful reading experience remember this is an open discussion, do drop your take on the comment section and never forget I need you more closer subscribe to my telegram channel https://t.me/ccicommunity lets connect

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