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Making use of the power of reflection to build a solid relationship


When you look in the mirror what you see is the reflection of yourself, nothing removed nothing added, just you reflecting back on the person you are. The same thing you see in the mirror is the same thing you see in the world and your relationships

Do you ever wonder why you keep attracting the same kind of people into your life, whether it is friendship or relationship, you keep bringing in the same kind of people, going round and round with them.

Life gives us whatever we are and doesn’t hold back on that. If you keep finding yourself in the same type of relationship and going through the same kind of breakups don’t be surprised to know that you have been dating and meeting yourself all these while.

We will always run to people on the same wavelength we find ourselves, you attract what you are into your life. The complaining and whatever is done from meeting these same people is unnecessary because the universe is giving you the person you are at this very moment.

They say a person’s environment makes them but this goes beyond that. Your environment and the people around make you because that is the wavelength you are radiating from and if you are not comfortable with the state and kind of people you have now in your life then it is time to start that change.

Toxic people love themselves, shitty people are comfortable with themselves and enlightened people attract themselves. Whatever vibe you put out in the world will be what you are bringing home every now and then.

If you want better then it is time to start choosing better for yourself, that choice doesn’t come from the outside but from within you, in your spirit, and in your mind.

The mind is where the jewel of life lives, if you want better from life that is the place to begin making those choices to change everything in your life. Remember that your life is the reflection of everything outside of you.

If your life is a reflection of whatever is outside of you then what are the type of people you really want to be hanging out with or forming a relationship with.

You have to be clear with the image of the people you want to feel associated with and you also have to be ready to make that change that puts you up into that value.

When you finally have these answers, start shaping your life towards what you expect yourself to be. Build and reshape your life through the choices you make.

In trying to shape our life we can’t just change everything altogether or try to get everything working at the same time, we have to take this step one pace at a time and focus on three paths of our life that brings every other thing together. Mind, Health, and social interaction.

  • Mind:

In building the mind we need to know the information we pass on to it, we can’t see the mind or feel the mind but we can understand the working of the mind in ourselves and our environment.

Building a better life starts in the mind, feeding and nourishing the mind with great books and content over the internet can have a great impact on how we view the world and ourselves.

Secondly, we have to learn how to be disciplined to discipline the mind also. Most of our past and mediocre life happened because we lacked discipline within ourselves and that indiscipline reflected in our life and environment.

  • Health

Health is so underrated when it comes to human relationships but your health status dictates the people you have around you. What you eat is what you are and that will be the aura you are going to push out. When you start eating healthy and living healthy you start attracting the right kind of people in your social space.

When you go to the gym, the gym and the people in it begin to form your social circle. You begin to exchange health tips with each other on how to be a better person in and outside the gym.

The moment you develop a habit of living healthy and taking your health serious you begin to attract that community of people who want the same thing you want and end up building a great relationship with these people

  • Social Interaction

People go into conversation always wanting to be the center of attraction and talk their way all through the dinner or wherever they find themselves but this has always been the wrong move when trying to know people especially quality people

To improve your social interaction genuinely care about knowing people, give them the stand to talk, and be a good listener. When you are a good listener other people tend to do the same for you and take you more seriously

When you have these three qualities in order you start attracting the person you are into your life. When you want better start the search of better within yourself. The world doesn’t shape you shape the world.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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