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In reaching mastery it will take you a different step to be like Beyonce

reaching mastery

We all want to reach the height where we can say we have it all, where we can proudly say we have learned every trick both new and old in our field of expertise. Reaching mastery is the hope and dreams of many and everyone seeks the respect that comes with it.

Everyone wants to be the next Beyoncé in their industry, everyone needs the respect of Beyoncé in their field of expertise until it is time to have the devotion and discipline that Beyoncé put into her work.

Every good thing we have known comes with its price and for us to acquire that beautiful thing or go up to that level we have to pay the price required of it. Reaching mastery has never been difficult, showing up every day doing the same thing is the most difficult aspect of life.

Mastery has always been a welcoming teacher in any field and you don’t need to be Beyoncé before reaching mastery. Beyoncé might be an outlier and you are not but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach her level of mastery in your expertise.

The problem and reason why many fail in trying to reach mastery are that reaching mastery is a very boring journey filled with doing the same thing all over again.

Reaching mastery is more about mental discipline than it is about putting in the work or doing the hard work. With the fast pace of the world, we live in now and the impatience of the human race reaching mastery has never been difficult in any human era of life like now.

We don’t have the patience anymore to sit down to repeat things for a long period of time without wanting to go do something next. Reaching mastery needs us to build the mental fortitude required to stand this moment of stagnancy in our life.

To a lot of people reaching mastery can be seen as having no progress. It is slow, it is boring and there’s literally no work being done at the moment except repetition of what you already know. The interpretation of learning a step to us means we have learned that step and it is time to move on to the next step. You can’t reach mastery with this pace and mindset.

Even Bruce Lee said, “I don’t fear a man that has learned a thousand steps but fear a man that has learned one step a thousand times”. Bruce Lee was giving us the simplest definition and requirement of reaching mastery.

The man who has learned a thousand step have mastery of non and is vulnerable just like everybody else but the man that possesses knowledge of one step through thorough practice have the upper hand in every situation.

Steps in reaching mastery

So how do you reach mastery and end up being the Beyoncé in your industry? It is as simple as taking the extra time to do the simple things that differentiate you from other people in your industry. Other people in your industry might be thinking the answers to reaching the highest level in life rest in doing the extraordinary things with extraordinary pace but they will be wrong.

Learning how to do the simple things, the things that are being overlooked by your colleagues are what differentiates you from them. It is only in properly understanding the simple things that you can tackle the complex things. Reaching mastery isn’t about doing complex but doing simple again and again till you can do them in your sleep.

Not everyone has this mental fortitude in them so you have to resist the urge that comes with doing a lot of things and doing it fast to catch up with other things. Patience is the main key to reaching mastery and if you don’t have that patience in you things might be difficult. Help yourself build the mental fortitude that allows you to see things as a building block.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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