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Problems never end because you don’t want them to


One thing about problems is they never cease coming, as long as we keep breathing then everybody is going through something. Of these things, we can discuss some and also can’t discuss but the biggest problem is not really our problem but how we are going to solve our problem.

You see people are good with just problems, they are not good at solving problems or finding a solution to their problem. One thing I have notice more in life is people are rather comfortable telling you where it pains and hurts than finding a cure to that pain

Many a time the problems people claim are not really problems but just loving image of them telling themselves how life has chosen to frown on them, don’t get me wrong, people are actually dealing with a lot and according to you, you are likely to say the situation of the world has made things worst which might be true depending on where you are reading this from but what does your problem look like

The problem differs just as our faces differ, one might be unbearable one might be an illusion keeping you away from truly taking action.

I don’t know about your problem but if you are not in a hospital bed either sick from some illness or looking after someone close with some illness, if you are not surrounded by violence and having everyone around suffering from malnutrition then I have to question your problem

Again don’t get me wrong, I am still not trying to talk down on whatever you think is your problem, a matter of fact I am here to help and wake you up from your sleep. Reading this blog is a blessing enough, having the data to surf the net is a blessing enough.

Believe there is a place here on earth people can’t imagine such luxury talk less of having such luxury. A smartphone? With internet access? Excuse me where can I find this heaven they ask

Guess what? You are with that heaven in your hands now, a heaven someone somewhere on earth is wishing for. So where do we start?

First, what is your problem, what is it looking like and why haven’t you done something about it. When are you going to be tired of the excuses or when are you going to start taking those actions? I guess today right.

People want to tell themselves the world is going downhill, they want to believe that nothing good can happen in the world ever again talkless of happening to them. These beliefs excuse them from trying, these beliefs soothe and console their pity. You don’t have a problem you have a belief disorder

I just finished talking to a friend now before hopping on my laptop to write this. I am bad at checking up on people like really bad but the last time I talked to this friend of mine, he told me he had a problem and I took my time in giving some really nice advice I charge people for and expected him to take action on that advice like asap

So I decided to call to check back on him because he won’t call back and tell me how far he has gone which is expected. Calling him back I was expecting something positive and encouraging but guess what, he gave me better news instead.

He told me how the election is bound to mess everything up, he told me how world war 3 is about to start, hold on, not only that, he told me how he dreamt that the holocaust is about to hit and how humanity is doomed. I couldn’t be more proud (am actually having a teary eye writing this).

Don’t just laugh at him but please realize that you might also be in his shoe, what is stopping you from trying, what is holding you from starting that business? Anything you are telling yourself now is a huge lie. This is the problem with people and their problems. They are not just interested in solving their problem

Everything that bothers mankind has a solution and if it doesn’t have a solution, it is not worth bothering yourself about.

The solution to your problem is right there facing and looking at you in the eyes waiting for you to be brave enough to take action and rid yourself of this madness. I don’t know your problem, but I will be leaving three steps in this blog post to help you help yourself out.

A realization to solving problem

You are still going about thinking you have a problem and not working towards it because you think someone out there cares enough to come to save you.

Let me break it to you now, nobody cares especially the government. The government doesn’t care about your suffering and if you are not looking forward to ending your suffering and saving your family from suffering then congratulations you are in it for life

Recognize nobody is coming to save you and start getting active, start making those moves start creating those changes you want to see in yourself and be happy making those positive actions.

The easiest path in life is not doing anything. Not doing anything is so comfortable that people choose it over bettering their situation. Comfort is the reason you are still comfortable sleeping and waking to your problem, it’s not like you have one any way you just tell yourself that story of having a problem.

Comfort kills and it will be your doom faster than your problem will be your doom. You don’t have money? What are you doing to have money in your bank and purse? Do you need a new relationship? Are you going out often? Do you want this property? How many real estate agents are you talking to? Get out and start taking action to better your state

Lastly, the world problem is never your problem. Stop feeding yourself negative information from the media, stop listening to the news, and convincing yourself the world is ending. They want you to remain that way, clueless and a sheep.

Start thinking for yourself and start taking action for yourself. Forget whatever the media is trying to tell you, there are people living their best life and enjoying a real state of serenity and peace of mind

If you keep focusing on what the media is telling you won’t start anything, your family will die of hunger and you will die of a troubled mind. Peace will be very far from you, quit listening to everything going on and feed and invest yourself into positive content that inspires you and drive positive change into you

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

You can check out my books, Why relationships fail (uncovering the truth and finding solution) here and 31 days of self-development (getting out of the victim mindset) here. A little investment into knowledge can be that great change you have waited all your life for

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