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The useless need for predictions for the future

predictions for the future

Everyone wants to know what tomorrow has got to offer, we go around the webspace and wider reach to try to understand the new innovations and even challenges we are supposed to experience in the future. We are so strong on the predictions for the future that we have failed to take care of today

The excessive want of knowledge for our future will be the thing that brings our detriment because looking at the bigger picture the future is nothing but this present moment we live in, if we are to focus on the predictions for the future how are we supposed to take care of the present

One thing about life and history is that nobody knows the biggest things and innovations of tomorrow, all humans predictions for the future we have seen in the past have either hit rocks or didn’t see themselves make it to the everyday life of humanity

Everything that was meant to be big didn’t end up big, and everything humankind didn’t expect to be big ended up making it big. Between you and me, I thought I would have been driving a car that flies now or move on the water two years ago. You seriously don’t know how disappointed I am writing this because what is the scientist doing, am so fed up.

Life sweetness comes in uncertainty and every great innovation we have been opportune to enjoy now in this present moment came off as uncertainty, nothing that was predicted for the future we are living in now.

Trying to know the predictions for the future is a waste of our time and will never result in anything good no matter how much we want to be. The care for predictions for the future naturally stems from fear and trying to control the inevitable from happening.

If you are so deep into predictions for the future then you should go back and soak yourself in some history books because in life there’s nothing new to watch out for anymore.

Life is just a circle of old things happening in new ways. Everything around our world just goes round and round and every generation gets to experience it in its own way.

Predictions for the future and human nature

We have been opportune to have the technology but that doesn’t mean the predictions for the future will have its baseline on technology or humanity will have a new approach to life. Human nature at the end of the day will never die

Technology and innovation might be new and present but human nature is old and ever-living. Yes, technology can change a lot of things coming in the future but it won’t change the way you and I think, act and take action. It won’t change the greed within us and the love within us, it won’t change our passion and our view of life.

There will always be challenges that have plagued humans for thousands of years, there will always be war as an outlet for man to channel his violence and superiority, and there will always be a passion that drives new innovation and invention.

The technology and tools we are used to now will someday be obsolete and exist no more because there will always be some kid somewhere dreaming about changing the world and inventing something more amazing than Facebook.

Human nature shapes life and not the things and new glamour we are seeing today. Human nature dictates the predictions for the future but it doesn’t change it in such a way that humans stop being humans.

Interested in the predictions for the future then go back to understand why people did what they did in the past and what was the reason behind it because that will be the same reasons you see a lot of changes in your environment and world.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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