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Why most prayers will always go unanswered


One thing about prayers is that they are real regardless of who you are praying to. Prayer is a form of communication between you and a higher self, a higher self that you believe is ready to take care of the needs that you know you can’t take care of yourself.

Praying shows you believe in something and most of our prayers come in the form of request and seeking help either to be guided or to be provided for.

Writing this blog post I am faced with the huge challenge of trying to pass my point without going deep into religion or stepping on its shore.

I try to avoid this because we are coming from different background and religion and I will really sound dumb to be telling you about prayers in your religion or trying to teach you about your religion even when I have no idea which one you practice

But regardless of that, regardless of the differences, we have been conditioned to accept, regardless of the different religious practices or beliefs, we humans are still the same.

No matter the religion, race, culture, or tradition we are still governed by the universal law and still stand under the umbrella of this universal law.

So using this universal law I will be discussing prayers and how we have our life affected by them. I want to call it the act of praying and the reason most of our prayers go unanswered.

The universe is a living entity from where we all as humans derive life from. It is the mother to every living thing and regardless of what you call God in your language, the universe is the creator’s creation, a place created to provide and watch over the habitat, a place created with rules and laws to keep the habitat in check and reward those worthy of its love.

When we pray we are just asking the creator to release the blessings of the universe but the universe has ears and eyes and sees everything just as they happen.

People say the creator is all-knowing which is true, the creator is all-knowing because he created a universe that sees and knows the heart of everyone that lives within it, whether abiding by its rule or not.

So now since the universe remains all-knowing, since the universe knows and sees the heart and condition of everyone the universe has the right to answer prayers and leave some unanswered.

The universe knows what prayers can result to our own detriment and what prayers can uplift us, the universe knows those that understand the consequences of what they are asking for and those that are just asking blindly

You see where I am from there’s a whole lot of promises that go into prayers, you walk into all these churches and all they do is throw out promises and false beliefs of answered prayers to their congregation.

They tell them things are going to be better, they tell them what they need to hear so they can come next Sunday to ask for the same thing. A lot of promises without the proper understanding of how prayers work can be called wasted time.

If prayers were that easy and follow no rule book then everyone would have had their heart desires and be living a happy life, but a happy life can be dangerous.

If everyone can have their desires and prayers answered then we will be disrupting the order of things, we will be disrupting the balance of the world.

I don’t know what the religious teachers tell and promise their followers but some prayers are meant to be unanswered until the proper requirement is put in place.

You might be asking what this proper requirement is. These requirements are the challenges you hold yourself to and have yourself accountable to. You see in life nothing will come to you without you paying the price for it. That is the universal law, a law that binds every human on earth.

I don’t care how long you have been praying for whatever you want, I don’t care how long you have been wanting what you have been praying for but if you haven’t done the inner work that brings you to the level of what you are praying for then am sorry you will be praying for a long time

Before the universe grants the prayers of someone the universe must have seen and known that you are capable of handling the responsibility that is coming with your answered prayers.

People just see the glamour effect of their prayers but refuse to see the responsibility that comes with that prayers

We just want to eat our cake without bothering about the nutritional effect of that cake. So many of your prayers might be your quickest ruin. The all-seeing God knows and the universe understands this.

Most unanswered prayers sometimes are a blessing in disguise, protecting you from things you haven’t prepared yourself for.

The promises you have been led to believe should take some back seat and you need to really sit back and question your ability to carry the cross you have been demanding for.

Do you see yourself being responsible enough to withstand the pressure that comes with success, when thinking about this and questioning yourself you really don’t need to bullshit yourself

People pray for riches and success but these things are not about the money and whatever outside effect it tends to bring. Riches and success are inner works affair. You might be rich tomorrow but if you have a poor mindset best believe you are not making any good use of it.

The character you build towards the journey of riches is the riches, the person you become towards the journey of success is the success, not what comes after.

I have been talking of responsibility and the ability to meet up to the level you have been praying but there’s one more thing we haven’t talked about and I purposely left it for the end of this blog post.

Have you ever wondered, like have you ever sat down and wondered that the reason you might not be getting your prayers answered is that you have been praying for things below you, things that you have outgrown and elevated from?

You see one loving thing about the universe is it will never take us backward. Just as I wrote early the universe just like the creator knows everyone and their desires.

Praying for things you have outgrown won’t work. Sometimes the universe holds you in high esteem and knows what you are really capable of, the creator being a loving God won’t allow you to settle for something easy and will continue to turn down your request every time you ask.

So you might as well start asking for the things you truly deserve and start getting ready to do the work that demands it.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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