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People’s unbearable search for self

People are looking for clarity in a world full of confusion. Call it a search for direction or search for identification we are all searching for a piece of ourselves on earth

The word earth can mean a lot of things but those meanings will always be useless if we don’t know what it means to us and why we are in it.

A planet that is home to 7+ billion people will always have us questioning the things that sets us apart from everybody else here

This is a silent thirst, a silent cry for uniqueness and identification. A silent hope for anchor in a world that is moving too fast.

The idea of living in a crowded world makes some of us feel like clones, like we have nothing new to offer the world and everything else has been taken or done.

A friend of mine once asked me what is the use of even trying when you can’t be the first at anything.

This mindset occupies a lot of people’s minds out there. A feeling of unimportance and of nothing to offer themselves talkless of the world.


Identification is man’s anchor and man has a silent urge to identify with something. When he can’t identify with himself he identifies with the group.

People need to wake up in the morning and feel like they belong somewhere or to something.

Identification has served as man’s means of understanding a world that is filled with chaos.

Man’s search for meaning in the world comes from man’s search for identification. What can I identify with and who am I

In the search for this identification man makes the greatest mistake by searching outside. Because he feels like he needs something to keep him grounded he runs outside looking for things that can only be given to him on the inside.

The group identification serves as an escape route for man during this process of searching for self.


People find a piece of the outside self in the community. In our search for where to belong to we find ourselves in the midst of people also searching for where to belong and create an atmosphere of togetherness together.

Though shallow, this process has helped humans for centuries. Though it lacks the inner rest that comes with finding self it has built a fire of compassion and belonging


We got it all wrong with communities when we thought it can be a replacement for our individuality.

Community offers us a place of togetherness but it fails to light a torch in the dark side of our being. It makes us come together in worship, share ideas, adopt the community ideas and even give us an illusion that the community ideas are ours but it doesn’t answer the questions of uniqueness and doesn’t quench our thirst of inner sanctum

Even if the community brings a place of belonging to people it doesn’t bring a sense of belonging

Most communities figuring this out distract its members with so many activities that keeps them engaged and distracted.

These communities create different kinds of doctrines, worship and practices, community works and laws and rules to abide by in aim of removing the individual from the individual work needed in finding inner rest.


The individual works can only be done in isolation and humans can only find themselves when they have isolated from the world they are trying to win or get rid of

Born into the world, no matter where in the world you find yourself you are born into the ideas of the world, influenced mostly by the traditional and religious beliefs of the world.

Humans are born individuals but not individualistic. From birth the world has made sure we never grow into an individualistic society.

The individual is threatening and it is in this isolation the individual can find enlightenment so the world created things that serve as a place of belonging no matter the level a person finds themselves in.

From the age of 5 which is when the brain is most receptive to ideas till the day man dies man will never have the chance of being alone and questioning himself

The world created so many organization and communities that has been successful in driving man outside of himself which in turn made man believe that he can find himself outside of himself


With this knowledge you can’t really blame humans for searching. You can’t really blame man for thinking the answers to everything lies in the noise of the street.

He wanders and searches every nook and cranny but finds nothing. He goes on to belong to something but still finds no self. He wonders and then settles just like every other person out there in the world.

The shallowness of people in the world comes off the conditioning the world has made on us. We are all confused and wish someone is going to take our hands and show us the way.

This is the reason you find guru worship in the world, this is the reason why you see people believe things their religious leaders say to them rather than what they think, this is the reason you see people looking up to men and women of higher knowledge expecting them to do the work of their upliftment for them.

This is my truth; looking for somebody to assist you on that journey isn’t bad or mental laziness, expecting someone to walk that journey for you is the problem here.


You will never find the answers and key to your sanctum in searching because whatever you have been searching for is within you already.

Kill the search and embrace yourself, sit with yourself to uncover the secrets of yourself. Go deep and be silent, find your fears and face them.

Enough with thinking that there’s something out there that you can do to change all these. Yes, there’s something out there but it all starts within.

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