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People’s struggle with shame

I was watching this series and a talk about shame came up. What struck me most about this discussion on shame was the approach they took towards shame.

This particular character was asking why his father left him and never came back and the other character told him- shame, the same reason people do what they do.

When you sit down and take a look at people’s actions and why they do what they do you might find shame.

Shame is depriving, taking everything from us. Shame keeps us stuck, stuck on people’s opinions and how they will see our actions

Unknown to that character, the father has been keeping tabs on him since he was still a kid. Watching every game, every moment, the good and bad of that child from behind the scenes.

Though a movie, I still continue to think, what stopped this man from approaching his son he left really young even though he had love for him?

Several reasons might lead to his judgement but this is how shame plays a part in our life. Disconnection, deprivation and isolation.

There are several people out there in the world today that can be living the life of their dreams but let shame deprive them of that life

There are people out there that could have ended a conflict, beef or fight with families or friends but are still keeping these conflicts going on because of shame.

There are people holding themselves off something huge because they think someone somewhere will have an opinion on the choices they have made.

Shame is consistently taking everything from us. Our joy, our peace of mind, our home, our friends, our dreams and even our money.

To be great at something, to be free, to enjoy life and what it has to offer you have to get rid of the feeling of shame In your life.

Take a look at yourself and your judgement of people, how invested are you in that judgement? How long are you remembering the wrongs of people and how much do you hold those wrongs in your thoughts

I ask all these questions so you can sit down and realize how much you don’t even care because you have got your own struggles to deal with.

This is the same way a lot of people you think cares don’t even care because they have got their own struggles to worry about

That business might sound like a stupid Idea to so many people but how long will they continue to see it that way or remember you started something stupid.

Believe me, nobody cares like you think they care. People can only be mad for a limited period of time. People can only think of your bad decisions for a limited period of time

The same problems that surround you surrounds a million people out there. Everyone is dealing with something and has their mind on that thing and not you.

So why are you letting shame deprive you of so much? There’s so much you know you can be doing for yourself and it is time to start doing those things.

There are some things a lot of people don’t understand: Life goes on regardless of what you think.

People are going to adjust, forgive, forget and adapt to whatever change you bring as long as it is of pure intention

Realize that you can’t deceive people and people can’t deceive themselves into not adjusting themselves to accommodate you.

We all know those people that have done the most wrong coming back to apologize and truly show that they are truly sorry.

We all know how the people around them forgave them, adjusted to their character and accommodated them.

Shame shouldn’t be taking things away from you. Don’t let it be something that is depriving you of your family and joy. Please it is time to change all that

Whatever has been stopping you from taking action, especially when it comes to shame should be taken down.

Take that bold step today and begin to make things work for you.

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