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Peace isn’t inactivity and it is okay to not do anything


I remember this one time I told myself I am taking a lazy day, just like Bruno Mars I am actually not doing anything today, not even trying to get up from my bed and handle anything or pick up the phone. For the first 4 hours of the day everything was going as planned but deep within I wasn’t enjoying this peace, why?

I don’t want to believe I am the only one that has gone through this aspect of life, where we tell ourselves today am seriously not doing anything and if you are a parent you might add riding your kids to school.

We want and crave that 24 hours of peace and alone time in our life. Most people will do anything to have one

But the sad truth is we can’t, even when we are given permission to (if you needed one). If a genie is to come to grant our request of 24 hours’ work free not doing anything kind of day we still won’t last 5 hours of not doing anything. The mind might drive us crazy, to people who can’t keep it in check yet

Why is it that we can’t live in peace when peace comes, why is it that we are meant to run from peace when it sits on our lap?

First I will like to say the human mind and body was created to do something, just anything as long as you are not sitting down useless and secondly we are scared of what peace can bring or rather scared of what it means

You want to tell me peace means sitting down here doing nothing and not try to worry about the next minute, I don’t think I can follow through, the mind tells us.

We interpret not doing as inactivity and not being productive, we interpret it as being lazy. Like come to think of it there’s work to be done in the house I can’t sit here idle, not today peace!! we scream.

The human mind wants to engage, wants to do, wants to get active, wants to get out there mingling and feeling like it belongs. It is scary to the mind to be at rest and not take action, it scares it out hearing today we are not doing anything and we are chilling out and relaxing.

I am writing this post mainly for the people that think taking a rest is a sin, for the people that think a minute of sleeping on their couch might make them miss something important.

I have been a hardcore workaholic all my life, I truly and want to get things done, things are supposed to move and I make them move. I craved rest and peace but I am scared of how that can affect my life.

We all pray for peace until we realize peace is boredom and then we run on our heels to go find something to do so the mind won’t drive us crazy, but this shouldn’t be the case. We can learn to embrace peace and how it comes with boredom and not doing anything.

The things we ask for don’t come in packages we expect them but that doesn’t mean we throw them away, instead we learn to adjust our expectations and adapt to the changes we find ourselves. You don’t need to be active and do everything, sometimes inactivity is okay sometimes it can be permitted.

You being productive all year and taking a week off doesn’t mean the world is coming to a halt or you will be crashing down immediately you get back to work. I think most people don’t just think they deserve rest or peace in their life.

Too many troubles too many worries and most essentially having mouths to feed but am going to take the rest chapter of this article to give you hints on how you can enjoy peace without feeling like you are playing yourself.

Hint on taking rest or being at peace

The human body was created to move and take action so resting and doing nothing can be contradictory to our nature as human beings. We want to tell ourselves that the sleeping hours have been devoted and made for rest and we should only take that time for rest.

With this belief, you are going to born yourself out. No matter what your condition is or what you have gone through if you die today or lose your health that problem stops existing and dies with you and everyone you are trying to save continues to live.

Life demands we stay in balance and center. Nature rewards those that know how to keep this balance and remain centered. That is what peace means, it means a state of rest.

While you work you want to own your time, where you just sit there and do nothing, just sit there and look at the sky and realize that you are alive today

Resting doesn’t mean taking the whole 24 hours doing nothing, man wasn’t created for such. It is too much to demand from self. The only people that can stay 24 hours doing nothing and still be comfortable are people that have given up on themselves and what they can offer the world. 3 hours, 2 hours of observing, and being in the presence of peace is enough to reinstall the mind to its proper state

Peace isn’t boredom, don’t interpret it as boredom. Peace means being present, if you can take that time to be present and avoid trying to create a meaning for the next unknown minutes you might end up understanding the true meaning of life and what is most important.

People miss the point of what is most important in life and choose the things that have zero meaning to their existence in 5 more years to come

Look around you, take that break and discover things that are truly important to you and your family. What you can contribute to them, what you can contribute to humanity, and most of all what you can contribute to yourself. All these answers come only when you are comfortable being alone and only when you well-rested.

I hate talking about people’s jobs because I seriously don’t care about what you do but if you are putting hours into a job/business that is not yours and thinking you are or will be appreciated you are lying to yourself big time.

When your health stagnates today your replacement is coming tomorrow and that is how the world works. No matter what happens to you, production must go on, and sorry you might be compensated, that is if the company cares enough.

Don’t run from peace especially when it doesn’t come in the package you ordered it in.

peace is scary because sometimes we are going through a lot to have it but please embrace it and realize that there’s no end to the worries and problems of life. Be centered, live in the present, and forget about the next minutes for some minutes. You will be good.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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