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Patience: How long can you wait


When is it time to be patient and how long can we be patient? These are the questions that occupy our minds and many times we don’t find the answers to this question. Patience sometimes is a difficult feat

Every human out there is out trying to get something out of what they have invested in and given time to, whether it being meaningful or not we all hoping and asking when are we going to start eating the fruit of our labor.

One thing in life we refuse to acknowledge to ourselves is nothing good comes easy and whatever comes easy goes easy, we don’t enjoy our victory when we get it without putting in the required effort.

Though we might want things to happen quickly because we really want to show off our result and let the world see our hard work has paid but something just takes time.

But what happens when we have done the work and gave it all we have had to give? This is where the big question comes in and this is where all the depression and self-doubt comes.

Many of us have done the work and yet we have seen no result in what we are doing, night and day have gone and we are still the same. is this the time to give up and turn back?

First of all, goals are different from each other just as the journey is different from each other, you might start a journey with someone on the same bus but watch the person reach his or her destination before you while your journey is still far off.

Some of us sit on a bus and find someone meet us then get down before us. This example applies to life and that’s just the way life works because our problem doesn’t come off as us not seeing the result but as us judging our journey with the journey of others

We, humans, have a tendency of comparing ourselves with our neighbors, our neighbors serve as a measuring ground to our life, we do this without realizing that just as our faces are different so are our dreams and aspiration different.

You might be building a million-dollar business and comparing your journey with someone that’s just trying to survive with a small store. Stores are easy to build and get up running but building a million dollar business needs years of commitment and hard work, this is something humans fail to understand

Secondly, we fight so hard because we want to prove ourselves and let the world know we are successful, if nobody cared about status and respect, would you be bothered about winning so fast and so early.

Would you even do what you are doing if there was no one out there ready to pat your back for being a genius at what you do? We care so much about winning fast because we care so much about the applause of the world.

People will concentrate more on their process and forget about the time that lapses without seeing the result if there was no glamour waiting for them.

When you do what you do for the glamour, you lack the patience to truly win and be successful. Seek not the glamour and you find life being easy, you find yourself enjoying the process rather than fighting the process

The thought of not having time in our hands keeps us from having patience too but this comes with us not putting things into the right perspective. Yes, time might be going but time is still our friend, we can be successful at any age and still live the life we dreamt for ourselves.

There’s a lot of people in their 20s fighting so hard to be successful before 30, missing the big picture to this thing called life, calculating life by years and not by the work that was done in that years and how many minutes they get to spend on this earth before they even reach 60

People think they don’t have time but it rests on how everyone chooses to see time, time can be your friend and greatest ally or time can be your enemy and work against you.

Everything rest on the shoulder of the individual, you make your bed and you lie on it choose the right perspective and you have the right key to life and patience.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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