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Simple ways to overcome complaining

Nobody complains without a reason for complaining. To overcome complaining finding the reasons is very crucial

When people choose to complain, they choose to do that from two perspectives; they complain because something is wrong or they complain as a way to be understood or express themselves.

The problem here isn’t complaining because something is indeed wrong, the problem is when you see complaining as means of expressing yourself

Complaining as a means of expression rather than the real and mature form of expression is what I will be addressing here

You might be unaware but we tend to do this most of the time even if we don’t take it to the extreme.

We complain about the things we want, the things we secretly wish to change about ourselves and the things we expect other people to do for us.

When expressing ourselves becomes difficult we resort to complaining and blaming something or someone for our insufficiency

Complaining is the ability to search for faults rather than picking up any responsibilities.

Yes, some things might be wrong but whatever we think it is wIll continue to be wrong because we choose not to care enough about solutions

To complain is to confess, it is to tell the world subconsciously that these are my problems and I’m unable to solve these issues troubling me.

Instead of seeking for a solution we rather hide in shtallow perfection.

To overcome complaining you have to be aware of it both in you and your use of it for avoidance. You have to understand how it is ruining your relationships with people.

When you don’t get yourself in order and overcome complaining, not only are you going to lose the people that matter in your life but you will forever continue to see yourself as powerless.

This is how people who have resort to complaining see themselves and this is how they have conditioned themselves to view any new challenges they encounter from life

That conditioning have them handling all situations the same way and lacking in most aspect of life


Now we have known what lies hidden in our excessive complaints, let’s shift our focus on how to overcome complaining and be comfortable with the things we hide in complaining.

The main cause of excessive complaints are lack of responsibility and expression.

To overcome this habit you need to work on these two by being

More assertive: In communication, a lot of people wasn’t raised on that foundation of having a voice and saying things how they wish to be said

People that grew up around this state of living find it difficult saying things how they truly feel. Rather than hit the nail on the head they result to nagging and passive aggression.

If you are this person you should understand today that you bring unnecessary troubles into your life and relationships by not being assertive enough.

You should find a form of communication that works for you aside from nagging. If talking openly is what scares you, take your listener somewhere private and voice out whatever is wrong with you.

Don’t be scared of how it is received as long as it has been said out and placed on the surface.

By doing that you have created a point that could be objectively worked on by you and whoever you are trying to pass a message to

Pick up responsibility: Enough with hiding your shortcomings in shadows and start taking ownership of them

A lot of things in life won’t fix themselves until you make a conscious pursuit to fix them.

Do you enjoy being a burden to yourself and others because you can’t lift up your head and say you were at fault?

Complaining doesn’t fix the issue neither does it fix it for the person you are complaining to so the best way you can remove yourself from this state is to take ownership

To overcome complaining you have to begin realizing how unwelcoming complaining is in every situation. It removes you from solution

Uncovering secrets: A lot of people don’t realize this but the things they complain about are the change they wish to see in themselves

People hide their desires in complaints. You see a person talk down on one particular thing frequently just know that person secretly desires that thing.

How do you help yourself overcome this type of complaining whether you are aware of it or not?

First, you recognize that whatever you condemn you secretly desire. Let your complaints serve as a compass to the things your soul secretly wants.

When you have this knowledge, quit trying to deny them and start looking for ways to make things work.

Some people though have knowledge of this secret desire but choose to suppress every feeling of it through constant complaining.

We all have desires and you won’t be a fool by opening up to one rather than complaining and condemning them.

Now we have discussed the solution, things you stand to lose by complaining and the cure. I hope you can take this article to heart and make that decision to live better

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