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Our journey in life knows no destination

Our journey in life

Every bend in the road always looks like the end of the road, from a distance we think this is the end of the road. If we can go further we will always find out that it isn’t a dead end and there’s still a road for us to ply on. This is the beautiful thing about hope and our journey in life, there’s no end neither is their destination.

Life is a continuation of up and downs, left and right. People always think at some point the journey for survival ends but as we go on we start figuring that more doors keep opening and more challenges keep coming up

Life is just like a video game, every level comes with its own assignment and for us to move to another level we have to complete the task at hand and do them properly to get ahead but unlike video games, there is no end to this unless you tell yourself the bend is the end.

People see the bend and conclude this is the end of the road so they stop doing things that help give them a chance to survive, look around the world today and you will find people who have given up on themselves and just living through life.

They forget the joy of life is the continuous solving of challenges and problems we meet on the road or in our journey in life. Without those trials, life is not worth living and we will never amount to anything.

Struggling is a virtue, the pain we feel in our journey in life helps build the spirit of resilience that helps us keep fighting and winning those battles life throws at us.

Without struggle and pain, we won’t be able to move forward in our journey, remember how I said life is like a video game until we pass the lesson we are supposed to learn in our journey in life we will still come back and make those mistakes we refuse to learn.

The challenges of life always show themselves in our journey in life so we can learn the lesson and acquire the mental strength for the next challenges, without gaining this experience we will be clueless about the next move in the game of life

Without the experience needed for the next level in our journey in life, life will keep drawing us back to the starting point to learn the lesson and get the knowledge it was supposed to bring. This is the reason why some people lack progression in life.

Lack of progression in our journey in life.

People wonder why they are stagnant in life, even you sometimes wonder why you don’t see progress in your journey but the simple fact here is, we are not picking out the lesson we are supposed to learn on these streets called life.

Mistakes we don’t learn from in our journey in life we will keep repeating till we learn and the challenges we run from today will appear tomorrow and next tomorrow until you have the mental fortitude to fight them.

What you don’t do today waits for you tomorrow and the fact you keep running from them means that you are satisfied with prolonging your progress in life.

So you wonder why don’t you reach that goal or why do you find yourself stuck every time, you are just not simply committing to your life journey and that lack of commitment and blindness to the lesson of the universe tends to reflect deep in your life pursuit and goals.

Without those lessons to be learned we won’t know what to do when we get to the next level, so it is better we go down and focus on why things are not working and what gem we are missing in the game of life, understand the bend is not the end and get ready to move when.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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