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The sins of obscurity


Life can be really funny and what we are told while growing up can be even funnier. While growing up we were told to keep a low profile in life, be humble and not be too loud with what we want from life. They wanted us to adopt the obscurity lifestyle.

This principle we thought was the righteous part of life and the way we can live that makes us cope with our neighbors and environment, but obscurity can result to our detriment.

If you are not ready to speak for what you want from life and from people, best believe that you are never getting them. The universe only rewards the people that are open and until you learn how to pass your message to people best believe you will be forgotten.

The way the world works is different from the way our parents express them to us. Our parents thought by keeping a low profile in life you get by with everybody and people won’t know your business and what you are about.

Truly people will never know your business and what you are about. You might have the best service or the best product, have a company that delivers and has a good working relationship but if you are unknown if nobody knows about you all those things mean nothing.

To survive in the business world and to survive in life you have to be loud, your services and product has to be loud, your personality has to be loud unless you get drown in the thousands of voices trying to be loud

Obscurity and emotions

People are emotional beings and logic doesn’t really get our attention. This is something me and you know. People respond to things that steer emotions, things that grab their attention and make them feel some kind of way

People love glamour, people love drama and unfortunately, people love the toxicity they complain about. People are addicted to their emotion they want to feel, they want to feel either happy or sad, they want to feel understood and they want to feel you feel what they feel.

Great businesses and great performers understand this part of people that is why they occupy a lot of space.

You feel it when you watch them perform, you feel it when you use their product. CEOs with a loud personality that drives tremendous growth into their corporation, artists who are always in the news but still somehow end up selling out stadiums.

You ever wonder why all the loud people you know who people don’t really like end up prospering. Sometimes you might say the world is unfair but is the world really unfair or do these people really understand the human dynamics and know how to avoid obscurity  

You have to have a personality that occupies space, you have to be legit and loud, be extremely confident in your ability to pass your message, to be able to say what you can do, and get rid of the obscurity state of mind. The days of hiding are gone. Wear your crown and be confident in who you have become.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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