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The Mirror Effect: Learn how to use it for your good.

Mirror effect

Mirrors are fascinating, as a kid, there’s always something intriguing about it, and even as an adult you still find your reflection mind blowing. I watched a documentary once where a man that just got his eyes corrected was given a mirror or rather was shown a mirror for the first time, you could feel the amazement he was feeling and overwhelmed to see his face in the mirror for the first time. But there’s something greater than the amazement we feel towards a mirror and that’s the realization of the mirror effect of the universe.

When we look in the mirror all we see is the perfect reflection of ourselves, nothing more and nothing less. All our imperfections laid bare looking back at us. To some this is a scary moment just standing there and looking at all their physical shortcomings, to others this is a liberating moment for them for they have accepted such reflection in love.

The mirror effect could be fearful or could be liberating but there’s one thing that is sure and certain of, that we create the image we see and we have the power to come to terms with whatever we see when we look at them.

Just as the mirror reflects back to us our physical being the universe reflects back to us our mental being and the choices we have made in life. That is the mirror effect of life.

People usually work around thinking life is happening to them but fail to understand that life is just responding to them. In many religious books there’s a saying that goes like “Do unto others what you want to be done to you” and “everything you throw into the world comes back to you”.

Thousands of years before us this knowledge have been known and practiced and also preached around the world to warn people of the repercussion of their choices, actions, and decision. Whatever we throw into the world always comes back to us like a boomerang even when we have forgotten our actions

Life is just simply showing us the mirror effect of our being and giving to us the energy we have placed on it, life can be caring if we are caring to other people and life can be cruel if we are cruel to other people. Bad things are not happening in the world it is your thought of bad things happening in the world that comes reflecting back into your life

Do unto others how you want to be done unto you. This is not mystical or some esoteric practice, it is so simple and plain that it happens in our everyday life. How you treat people matters a lot and people also reflect back on this vibe to you.

So many people find themselves under a dark cloud in life wondering what is happening in their life but fail to understand the mirror effect that life has been showing them. This is the energy you have deposited in the world and you are having them thrown back at you

The universe is open and receptive, the universe is a welcoming mother that is ready to open her arms and accept anybody that is ready to deposit love and fall into her loving bosom. If love is what fuels you the universe will give you just that, that is the reward of the mirror effect and that is what you will have to enjoy. A life of prosperity and a life of joy

For so long you might have missed this knowledge of the mirror effect and how you can utilize and make use of its power in your life, for so long you might have been oblivious of this knowledge and have thrown out bad vibes into the universe and have got that mirrored back to you, but today you have this knowledge staring right at you and I am really sure you are about capitalizing on it. Let’s discuss how to do that or start.

How to develop the mirror effect

We have lived with the mirror effect of our bad decision all this while and might still continue living with them because whatever we have thrown into the universe will surely have it’s way back to us. The good news now is we can start today in correcting the next phase of our life and the joys and pains it brings

Every decision has a ripple effect, people make a decision without understanding the knowledge of the ripple effect. Every decision made have its short term result and a long term result, if the short term result looks tempting and mind-blowing what is the long term result looking like, bankruptcy? Diseases? Or what other harmful effects?

You have to sit down and start making a conscious decision that doesn’t throw you out into the pit and leave you drowning gasping for air. All decisions today must be made in love and not of hate, in compassion, and not of greed. Life gets better this way

Our actions also have a way of bringing pain and agony into our life. Many of us live carelessly, as much as we make careless decisions we live more carelessly and wonder why things are not happening in our life.

For you to move forward in life it depends more on your outside works and personality. How you treat people matters. What you say to people matters more and how you say it to them matters most. When you show people you are trustworthy you will have the trust of people. That is how the mirror effect works with our actions.

The most important aspect of making use of the mirror effect is the words we use upon ourselves and the people we love. So many people who didn’t have love talked down to them when they were little, this alone has made them unable to speak love into themselves and it is a trauma that has followed them from their little days into adult days.

They refuse to speak words of kindness and prosperity into themselves they refuse to speak words of forgiveness into themselves

Understand that whatever your parent did and said to you was their own issues and unhealed traumas they tried to pour down on you, understand that you have to outgrow them and forgive yourself.

Please don’t try speaking those words on your little ones and please try from today to start speaking words of love that helps you start utilizing the mirror effect in your life (I have got an EBook that helps you with this healing you seek here)

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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