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how to pick out a messy life in a person and identify the mindset of that person

messy life

The mindset of a person can’t be seen, what they think and the choices they are going to make can’t be predicted but that doesn’t mean we can’t find traces of their mindset in their actions and predict their next move in their words. A messy mindset will always result in a messy life

You can’t judge someone but you can tell a lot about them by the choices they make and the commitment they hold on to.

We can’t hide who we truly are, it will always show traces in the things we take for granted

A messy life is mostly known by the things everybody takes for granted, people can be good at hiding the things other people focus on and pick out first but they are bad at hiding the things nobody takes notice of.

There are several things that expose a messy life in a person and that is even oblivious to them because when your mindset is messy the messy life it brings becomes the ordinary and default of your life

A person room they sleep in says a lot about the mindset of a person than that person can ever imagine and even think of putting into perspective

People rooms are their sanctuary and it is beyond the physical sanctuary, it is their mindset, the image of their mind, and how it is shaped

A messy life starts at home and spreads into other parts of a person’s life. When a person can’t control and organize their sanctuary then it will be difficult for that person to have any hold on life

People can go on to hide the exterior part of themselves and stay on the side of sophistication but they can’t hide who they truly are and what their mindset is made up

A person room is one just of many ways to figure out who a person really is behind those expensive clothes and living, how a person eats and what they choose to put in their mouths also exposes the mindset of a person

The two biggest secret leakers in humans are their place of rest and their relationship with food. How do they approach food, do they approach food with a mentality of hoarding and eating as if they won’t be able to find another in weeks, or do they respect themselves enough and also respect the food on the table

All these are things are we need to look at to truly pick out the mindset and mentality of a person especially in this era where the painting of image has become easy and deceiving.

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Differentiating yourself from the messy life

Now we have been talking about how to pick out a messy life in a person and identify the mindset of that person but what benefits does this have for us.

Your biggest struggle in life is your relationship with people, whether platonic, romantic, and business. The people you roll around with influence 70% of your life

There is a saying that goes like when you find yourself moving around with pigs don’t be surprised to find yourself filled with dirt.

A messy life spreads just like viruses and it stains just like dirt. When you indulge yourself with one you start feeling and walking with the stink of one

The hazard of messy life and someone who possess a messy mindset comes with the action of that person, you might be the most organized person on earth but don’t forget that you are 40% your actions and 60% the actions of others.

You are not the only one living in the world, your immediate surrounding and the people living on it makes your world and actually predict the flow of your world

If the 60% actions of others makeup and predict your life the only power you have is to cultivate and mold that 60% to work in your best interest and walking around with people with a messy life that results from a messy mindset isn’t working in your best interest

The biggest truth in life is, people don’t give what they don’t have, you can’t expect someone with no self-trust to give you trust likewise you can’t expect someone with no discipline to be disciplined enough to withhold whatever commitment you both shared.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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