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Meditation: A modern-day sell-out or not


Since the rise of meditation in the western world, we have all heard what a proper meditation should look like be like, or probably sound like, some gurus have told us it is this way some has told us it is that way, meditation has become a thing of mainstream frenzy the modern-day sell-out 

First many of us have no clue what’s meditation, we won’t even care to know about it or practice it if we weren’t told how helpful it is, it’s like following the bandwagon just as we do in our music and movies without really having the idea why we like what we like, with meditation we have no single idea how it should be practiced so we go searching for road maps

Meditation got into the west in the 18 century though we can’t start pointing who brought it to the west, there have been several influences that brought the teachings and practices down to the west, and it has gone on to flourish in the western culture by people seeking inner rest and blissful state of mind, but meditation took a huge turn in the western culture when Maharishi Mahesh transcendental meditation took the western culture by storm

The transcendental meditation kind of meditation now became a thing for the western culture and beyond, it was finally an easier and gentle way to practice meditation, Maharishi Mahesh teachings went far and wide and are still a present form of meditation even if it has turned to an avenue of faux 

The 20th and 21st century saw a huge rise in spirituality practice which gave rise to meditation and it’s practices and different people searching for different ways to reach the height of awakening influenced by the preaching of the East, this movement will see a change in how some westerners come to think the dress and speak to one another

In the 60s through the 80s we will see several publications of books on spirituality and meditation written by Western authors who claim to have gotten teachings/knowledge from the East by one Eastern guru or another.

The rise of these books will push several perceptions of what meditation and spirituality should be like and practiced through these authors claiming to be students of some ascetic. most was just capitalizing upon the sudden surge of spirituality and meditation among the western public

By the 90s the rise of meditation will hit a different kind of high and will result in a different form of teaching and spreading of its message it will go from just teaching to a new kind of business endeavor waiting to be exploited hard.

The want and insecurities of people will be packaged back to them as a form of cure and rest of mind,

we will see the rise of magazine publication devoted just to meditation, we will see television program devoted to meditation, recorded cassette to put our minds into a state of meditation, radio programs talking about meditation, and the new birth of meditation gurus ready to put us through the steps

Companies and individuals capitalized hard on the meditation and spirituality term in the early 90s through the late 2000s.

The rise of the online platform gave new birth to its sell-out, this time unlike the normal gurus and it’s followers in the outskirt of town we will see the birth of the E-guru with his or her huge followership of woke generation still running the same process of telling people the right way to meditation and spirituality 

A lot of teachings have been taught on how meditation is supposed to be, though some are fact and from a reputable source but most have been sham preying on the innocent search and insecurities of people.

But do you blame people for being victims of this kind of sham? no, you don’t because a majority of the people seeking this knowledge don’t know what it’s like.

You might want something but if you don’t know what that thing feels like you won’t be able to decide if what they are giving to you is the right teaching or product so here comes the big question what is the process of meditation

Meditation: Its process

When you ask me about the process of meditation, I will tell you meditation has no process.

They want to tell you it is about trying to be without thought but the mind was created to always process data, you can try as much as possible to hold on without thought but the process will come anyway.

So instead of being without thought, you observe that thought when it strays then bring yourself together again this will continue to happen but you will continue to observe them and bring back the stray thought

Secondly, different ways for different people some people focus better in silence some people focus better in a noisy state, some people meditate best in silence some people meditate best while the music or television set is on.

There’s no better way to meditate, people might tell you it works this way or that way but remembers it is their way and what works for them. I meditate better with my earpiece on listening to music while alone

Thirdly find what really works for you spiritually, people walk around thinking there’s a journey to spirituality but get disappointed when they can’t reach the destination.

There’s no journey to this, no formula to this, no map to this you, just have to answer to the call of your soul and what it yearns for.

The mainstream of spirituality and it’s sell-out has led so many into the wrong path and direction even if all they wanted was to be free from their thought and build their inner self, but when looked at from another angle it is the greed of humans that leave them as victims to be exploited.

Many think the practice of meditation and spirituality will bring riches fame and worldly glory, that was their core reason for searching for it from the onset but at the end of the day they lost, more people are still searching and wondering the process of meditation and the spiritual industry still soring 

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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