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The silent Distress of love and light

Love and light

Every love and light eventually turns to hate and darkness when it is left to run its course without check, we have seen people use the word love and light and found themselves being run at and thrown dirt at.  

We all appreciate positive vibes and we all appreciate being shown our respect but what happens when we give this and get nothing in return.

Respect is reciprocity, if I give it to someone I am expected to get it back. To me, the love and light term signals love and respect. Really about the peace and prosperity of humanity, trying to care for one another and respect each other’s value

In some case where people have taken the love and light values too far, it begins to look like disrespect to themselves, it begins to become the opposite of whatever they are giving to the world

It is just like the man that believes the world is a peaceful place and that is what everyone needs or even practices. Not only is this man lying to himself but he is also living a life of delusion and is going to suffer dearly for it.

There’s some point in life where love and light stop existing and when you go on thinking and upholding the values upon yourself you start bringing a lot of disrespect into your life.

The man that tells himself the world is peaceful continues to find every day the world isn’t that peaceful at all and he continues to find himself in scenes of being taken advantage of consistently

Yes, we uphold the values of humanity and the prosperity of all but other people don’t view life from that space, there are some people in this life that is focused on taking whatever the weak man has, there are some people in this life that has settled for grabbing what isn’t there’s and won’t stop for anything.

Your love and light shouldn’t blind you from these truths because when it does you suffer the consequences for it. A lot of people who think the world is some kumbaya place suffer a lot of mental problems from disappointment

I am not saying you should stop upholding the right values but it is the man that is capable of great destruction that can truly maintain and uphold the values of humanity and society at large.

If you don’t have the strength and ability to bring great damages you won’t know and understand the usefulness of peace, prosperity, love, and light.

It is easier for the person who hasn’t been at the forefront of a war to want war. It is only a person that has experienced and has felt the loss of a brother at war who can truly fight for peace to reign.

My point on love and light

My point on love and light stands that it should not be upheld and taken upon as an excuse for weakness and not being able to confront your enemies and situations. I have seen this happen a lot of time around me and online.

I hear a lot of people talk about love and light and I see them uphold such great values but the real question I ask them and myself is when trouble knocks on your door are you letting your love and light stop you from confronting it?

A lot of people choose this lifestyle because they are afraid of confrontational life. The love and light values they uphold isn’t coming from a place of strength but rather from a place of fear.

Whatever grows from a place of fear has a weak foundation to it. You are not upholding the values of humanity rather you are hiding in the values of humanity and you are the least to be trusted because in you your demons still walk free.

Instead of focusing on upholding the values of love and light focus more on upholding your own life principles and values, focus more on building yourself and fighting your demons, focus more on being dangerous so you can appreciate calm and peace.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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