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Learn how to contain your loss to control your probability


Nobody wants to lose not even the child that was born yesterday. Everyone goes into something with one aim in mind, to win and take the big stake home. But in life, the negative and the positive must take place for balance to hold in the world. losing doesn’t need to be perceived as a loss

Running away from loss makes us lose more and the wanting of positive outcome every time makes us blind to the lessons of life. We can’t live and prosper in life if our perspective is one dimensional. People who choose to see things from one aspect of life miss the point of life

People are scared of losing because they see losing as a loss instead of as a lesson that teaches and safeguard us from future losses. The person who continuously wins in life lacks the multi-dimension view of life and when he falls he falls harder.

Everything in life depends on how we see things, our perspective in life determines our growth in life. The obsession with winning and the haste in trying to be successful removes us from the big picture of life and why we are really doing what we are doing.

It is not about winning it is about containing your loss, it is about losing less. You can’t avoid losing and you can’t run away from it. By going all in and trying to get the large cake you leave yourself open to losing the little you have, you leave yourself open from losing more than the whole pieces of cake.

When you realize that life is about balance and there is nothing you can do about it, you start trying to make use of this balance in a way it can protect you.

People who go about wanting to win at all cost are just not meant for this game of life and are playing it all wrong. You focus too much on the offense and forget that you have a back to defend. Life balance will always call and when it calls and find us unprepared it will mess with us.

Trying to tell yourself losing doesn’t exist puts you in the shadow. You focus on what losing can do for you rather than do to you. When you lose but learn the lessons in the loss, you tend to avoid more future losses or in other words, you tend to contain your loss.

How to contain your loss

I have a strategy called bait money. It is a strategy of leaving money to be lost in any endeavor or investment. It is me expecting a mistake somewhere along the line and trying as much to contain my loss. It is purposely setting aside some money to cover my risk in case things never go as planned.

This strategy helps you experiment and know the other side of the game, it helps me afford to have a broader view and a larger perspective into my goals and investment.

I don’t try to denial loss or pretend like it doesn’t exist rather I find a way to make it work out for me. You can’t denial nature but you can make nature work for you by playing by its rule.

You create a room for your loss to happen and you sit back to learn the lesson and what led to that direction. We can’t cover all angles no matter how we try, something somewhere is going to take the wrong turn.

Though we can’t control where this turn is going to happen or know where shit will hit the roof we can learn to expect/anticipate this mistake and this wrong turn and put the necessary tools in place to fix this damage without it leading to something great.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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