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Do you wish to land safely? leave room for errors

leave room for errors

One funny truth we never tell ourselves is, plans will never go as planned. If you are someone that is always in the phase of taking action or making things like arrangement or event happen this will not be coming as news to you. There are so many things that are involved in plans coming to fruition, things beyond our control, so when you plan for the best remember to leave room for errors

We humans are not rational creatures, we humans make our judgment based solely on what our emotions dictate, the average person on the street doesn’t care about critical thinking and doesn’t realize how probability affects a lot of things in his or her life

To leave room for error is to create a space where you can safely fall without breaking all your bones, this is a very rational approach and if we humans are that logical and rational this should be the default mode to our life and plans.

When sitting with a group of people planning and scheming somebody should be able to stand up and shout please leave room for error but hey nobody ever does.

Truth is we want things to happen our way, we want them to happen our way so bad that we forget all the red flags and loopholes standing in our way and trying to stop us from having it our way.

We want it to happen our way that we forget that our plans need other people to work and other people, we have no power over

It might be your plan and vision but the other man handling a piece of that vision or just a small project of that vision have got his own plans in your own plans and regardless of what you say to him he needs to make his vision come alive even to the detriment of your own vision. A whole lot of complications

You might have the vision but you don’t have the power against human nature, nature and circumstances. Nobody can have all angles covered that is why when you plan for the best you also plan for the worst and leave room for errors.

It is only a fool that plans for an event to hold outdoors during winter/rainy season and say to himself or herself it won’t rain or there won’t be cold. It is only a fool that makes such plans without trying to leave room for errors or provision if the uncertain happens

Optimism being healthy can drive us deep the rabbit hole and blind us from the probability that influence things around us.

Nobody have the answers to what will happen in the next 1 hour, all we have is a perceive sense of it but nobody knows what will really happen. Yet we move and make plans like we know.

For me I believe in trying to stay on the safe side of life one needs not optimism or pessimism but one needs a healthy balance of both (I don’t know if there’s an English word for that) one should trust that plans are going to workout but one shouldn’t be overly confident that he/she forgets to leave room for error if things fail

Life is understanding that life will happen and there is nothing you can do about. You are just going to sit there and watch life happening and you will feel powerless about it. That tailor will disappoint you (nobody does that like Tailors), the weather might upset your plans and just like we saw this year a pandemic might come and throw a dirt at all your vacation plans.

How to leave room for errors

The big question remains, how do we save ourselves from our own plans, how do we leave room for errors so when shit hits the roof we can still hold our head high.

For me I feel not too many influences helps us leave room for errors. We just have to have two things covered and pray chance doesn’t run us over. The rest will be trying to control what we can control to at least make our plan work

One of the main problems that leave us at risk is we overestimate our abilities and how smart we think we are. This is the trap the intelligent set for themselves and fall into. We overestimate how we have got every angle covered and how things are bound to work out

But we fail to understand that there are other factors outside of ourselves involved. Yes we might be perfect and call ourselves expert but there are things beyond our control to look after, so how do we protect ourselves from this mess

First be realistic, this is hard but try very much to be realistic. Go somewhere quiet, take a piece of paper and write down all the things that can go wrong.

Humans want to believe everything is going to go right and where I am from they want to put the risk they are uncertain about in God’s hand. Believe me nobody wants to take that responsibility

When you have written what can go wrong and all the things that can affect your plans from becoming a reality, take a look at that note and cancel everything you can’t control. Trying to control things you can’t control will add more stress into whatever you are doing already.

Now to the things you can control still on that list, you want to really take care of them. Taking care of them is communicating your ideas properly to everybody involved, taking time to learn people’s skill and how you can appease them and make them understand, crush checking yourself and pin pointing things you are missing.

Going all in and trusting everything to come together is faith and that is awesome, creating a space where you can land safely is better.

To the things you can’t control, to the things left in the hands of chance leave a room for error for them, assume they are going to happen, and leave an alternative or your escape plan.

These steps or knowledge can be followed no matter the field or activity or goals you have in mind. They are always going to come through for you and you will never regret to leave room for errors

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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