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You are not lazy, this is what you are.


Today I don’t feel like doing anything, believe me, that was what I was singing before opening my laptop. I feel lazy and I seriously can’t deny that part of me today. We all have days like this, days filled with sheer laziness. 

The thought of laziness made me want to write about laziness and address the issues about laziness. Sometimes I remember asking myself is laziness a disease or some disorder of some type

Growing up I was called lazy, oh yes I was called lazy, and I will love to say I loved being called lazy because it already removes the responsibility of doing anything in the house for me. I can lay on the couch and truly feel like Bruno mars with his track of not doing anything that day

Now life is more complicated, heavily complicated, and filled with responsibility. I really can’t sit on the couch and do anything anymore, I feel like sobbing tbh but I can’t. I wish not to do anything today but this laptop kept staring at me.

Am I lazy, that is the question that kept on flying in my mind? Though I have known the answer way long before now, believe me, I have. So with my experience on this topic let’s dive in and discuss being lazy and procrastinating.

The truth about life is this – Nobody is lazy and procrastination is not a thing.

Let me break this down for you.

Laziness is just demotivation, the reason you are lazy or think you are lazy is that you don’t have enough motivation, you don’t have something that keeps the light in your mind up so bad that you can’t wait for morning to begin working.

When we don’t have a spark in life we feel like we are lazy, we wake up in the morning to do things that have zero to non-interest in us.

if you tell a child to make their bed every night before they go to bed you might be fighting a lost cause here, because you haven’t given that child enough reason to make his or her bed

But when you place a reward that is desirable at the end of that request i.e for every time you get to make your bed you get to play outside or visit friends for 45 minutes.

That is enough motivation to get that child to make his or her bed. this is still the problem with lazy people and procrastinators. they just haven’t given themselves enough reason to do something, they just haven’t found that thing that ignites their spirit

As a lazy person, you should be doing things that ignite your spirit, find your passion, and devote yourself to it. One month into that and you start realizing you have never been lazy neither are you a procrastinator

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