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How lack of ambition drives a man to hell and it’s solution.

lack of ambition

A man will continue to drag himself into mediocrity as long as he has no meaning to why he gets up in the morning. Without any mission in his life, he doesn’t have anything to hold him accountable or rather hold himself accountable. He wakes up and goes along as the day comes with no definite goal or assignment attached to his day. Ambition is the only thing that elevates a man and lack of ambition drags him down to hell with every waking hour.

There are vices that chase a man’s life and will continue to hunt him down no matter how much he tries, this is the curses of man. So far a man has nothing to hold on to and devote himself to these vices will take hold of his life and lead him to his doom.

A man that can’t lead his life will end up having these vices lead him instead, he continues to be a victim to his predicament and have no meaning to his life. Addiction to things like alcohol drugs and lust will dictate his journey.

I use to fall on this side of a man’s life, where the only things that matter to my existence are my drugs and alcohol addictions. It was the only thing that brings me joy and makes me feel like am living. Though it brought me joy it left me with a lot of heartbreak and self-hate after. I was embracing the temporary feeling of happiness and the long-term feeling of sadness and hatred.

The big problem with lack of ambition in a man’s life is that everyone that surrounds you and makes your environment are the same people, living with no atom of ambition in them. There’s nobody to show you better and how you can live better, everyone around you is sinking into this same shadow.

I kept on with this lifestyle of self-harming myself, there was no escape for me because in the environment I found myself it felt like a norm. I attracted what I am into my life. A suffering person that attracted other suffering people into his life, a person with a lack of ambition attracting other people that are still going through the issue of lack of ambition.

That’s how life plays out. It will continue to replay back what we are to us, there’s no reality except the ones we have created for ourselves. Until we choose to want different until we choose to be that man with ambition and not some drunk who has given himself to his vices and suffering from lack of ambition life will continue showing us and surrounding us with who we are.

The one thing that saves you from everything as a man is ambition. Devoting your life to something bigger than you for the sake of humanity makes you invincible to things that drag the average man down, it is like being in the world but not of the world.

The big question now that stands in our way is how we can get rid of these vices and move to the side where lack of ambition doesn’t exist in our life anymore. A place where we are certain and sure of our ability.

Everyone that walks this earth has the potential to be great at something, our vices have just blinded us to this potential, making us feel like we can’t amount to anything.

I was once there I was once in that dark place and I discussed heavily how to get out of that place and break out from the victim mentality and release ourselves from our vices in my e-book 31 days of self-introspection but here on this blog, I will be talking about the three key ways of getting rid of our lack of ambition and releasing ourselves from our vices.


The first key to getting rid of your vices and start removing the shell of lack of ambition in you is getting rid of the things you tell yourself. You are not who you say you are, you are not an addict, lazy, or don’t know how to do anything. The things you tell yourself end up making up your reality and controlling your everyday life.

For you to change your reality and breakthrough through the things that are dragging you down you need to resign the words and self personalization you picture yourself in. Open yourself to a new reality with the words and thought you build within yourself.

Secondly, get yourself into trying a lot of things and start taking a lot of actions. Your vices are going to always hold you down. Vices like procrastination will not allow you to do anything or make any positive move in your life. Replace the negative habit and actions with positive habit and actions

People want to think they can just wake up one morning and find their ambition but it doesn’t work like that and will never work like that. To find your ambition and the things that ignite your passion you have to engage in a lot of things to find the right things that work for you. Is like engaging in quantity to find quality.

Thirdly go and find the people that inspire you to be more and remove the lack of ambition living in you. Why I didn’t grow even when I wanted to was because I was surrounded by losers and we all thought this was how life should be for us

Until I looked around me and saw growth doesn’t live around me did I find a solution to my problem and start making new friends that fan the fire in my journey. If growth doesn’t reside around you, you are fortunate enough to have the internet and social media in your arms where you have the opportunity to learn from people from far away and connect with the people you look up to.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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