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The easiest way in keeping up with appointments

keeping up with appointments

No matter how organized we claim to be we still owe a huge amount of our time to our environment and the people living in it. People will always have a say in how our time goes especially when keeping up with appointments.

This is one thing we can’t run from as long we live in society and they will always have a hand in dictating how our approaches to appointment

Humans have a long history of not keeping up with appointments, sometimes we wonder why. Many people never see themselves as the fault for not keeping up with appointments while some are just inherently lazy

I have a friend who was a normal time breaker of not keeping up with appointments and will never arrive early to anything tell me, time is something you can’t control and there are influences in the background fighting hard to make you not keep up to your appointment.

You might think it is his habit and hate of keeping up with appointments that have him saying such nonsense to himself and everyone he meets as an excuse for not keeping up with appointments but for a minute he is right but right in the wrong way.

We live in a society and as a society, we are a collectiveness of consciousness, different people with different wants trying to accommodate everyone. This alone is enough to tell you that you don’t have 100% control of your time and even life.

A person has 60% control and says of his life, the environment he lives including the people in it has got 40%.

Everything we do in this life we remain at the hands of people, nobody is really 100% free and independent of himself or herself, there are influences that will affect us and our plans beyond our control.

Yes, he was right to admit that there are influences beyond his control that have a say in his time but he was wrong for not accepting responsibility for his life and his failure for not being able to contain or protect himself from those influences.

The fact we don’t have 100% control of our time doesn’t mean we can’t try to make a way to at least appear punctual and keep to time. There’s no problem in this life that man can’t solve if man devotes his attention to it.

How we can try keeping up with appointments

What is the very possible way to control a thing we have no control over? We are left with just one option and answer which can be attached to everything we have no control over in life.

You can’t control time and the influences in your environment but you can leave room for those influences and circumstances about to eat your time. This is called time adjustment, create room for more, and create room for the uncertainties of society that stops you from keeping up with appointments.

You might want to make that appointment but today of all day the car refuses to start early. You might want to make it quick to your Children’s School but of all days today is the day you find traffic on the road. You might have a delivery that needs to be delivered early but the person bringing the package can be found anyway and won’t pick his damn phone

All these are influences that happen beyond our control and the very possible way to contain them is by adjusting your time further, leaving room for all these messes that life throws our way to happen.

You have an appointment or place to be, wake up and prepare 1 hour 30 minutes ahead of the normal time you normally attend to such matters.

You can’t say because you don’t have control over things that happen to you so you should not be responsible for yourself and the time of others.

Nobody cares about what held you on your way there, nobody cares about the challenges you had while delivering the product, all people care about when it comes to keeping up with appointments is punctuality and result.

A person who can’t be punctual when keeping up with appointments or at least accepts responsibility and respect the time of others isn’t fit to be in a professional environment. A person who can’t contain the uncertainties of life will find it difficult to survive in this fast pace life.

Make room for errors, make room for influences beyond your control, make room for and give yourself more time for the unpredictable. That is how you win over your environment and people.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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