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INTJ procrastination, causes, and cures

INTJ procrastination

Regardless of the personality, procrastination is still a thing, a thing everyone tends to suffer and deal with in life until they start seeing a way out of it. Procrastination is something that will take away your power and when it comes to intj procrastination it is no different. No matter how intellectual they seem they still suffer from this.

Intj procrastination unlike other personality types of procrastination is different because looking at them they look like they have got this life thing covered. Intuitive and powerful thinking but this intuitive thinking can have its moment in them.

I believe that no one is a procrastinator and most procrastination lifestyle comes from not knowing what to do or lack of purpose and passion in one’s life, I believe the procrastinator just don’t have something yet that ignites his heart and makes him want to jump out of bed in the morning

To Intj procrastination, this might be hard to comprehend with them because their personality trait makes them have a view of having life figured out to be late on finding their purpose or things they should give extra attention to, but intj procrastination still follows the same suit.

The Intj procrastinator might be intuitive and have good analyzing skills within them but without a place to channel all that he or she seems to be handicap and wallow in unnecessary pursuit with no or less willpower.

INTJ Procrastination and cures

There are several reasons to intj procrastination, several things that lead them to this path. Lack of purpose or something to ignite the soul might be one of them but several more still lurk in the psyche. Let us discuss them while finding a cure.

Overanalyzing before action:

The personality trait of INTJs is their analyzing and tactical prowess but that same prowess leads to intj procrastination. I always tell my readers, the want for more information is intellectual masturbation or rather a mental masturbation because the more you go deep into that information the more you start entertaining thought that stops you from taking action.

Most intj are intellectuals but intellectuals without any form of action in them, they will rather read and analyze every situation than begin anything new. 

Over the weekend in my newsletter, I discussed how the world is being ruled by people who don’t think and use their brainpower, and the reason they continue to succeed is that they are not victims to overanalyzing and would rather start than walk the paths of intj procrastination.

Intjs have the power to change their whole reality but this power falls short because they care so much about certainty. They seek an answer and overanalyze a situation way too much.

As a person suffering from intj procrastination learn to understand that not everything is going to sit well with your spirit. You won’t have all the answers in your palms and they sure won’t come no matter how hard you research the situation. Sometimes life wants us to trust it more and demand that we take that leap of faith.

Too much judgment:

Intjs procrastinators are known to sit and wait at the right time, they are highly intuitive but sometimes this intuition stops them from making the move they ought to make. Learning to be intuitive about the right time can be golden because that very moment and situation can change your life but it also can be time-wasting.

The right people use this power the right way but the wrong ones unconsciously use this as an excuse not to begin or start taking action. Intj procrastination is known to follow this path. Because they are so good at what they do they exaggerate their power of waiting for the right time.

One man’s food is another man’s poisons and when it comes to Intj procrastination we need to understand that the intuitive power of intjs might not favor everybody that possess the personality of Intj and you waiting and exaggerating on your ability to wait at the right time might be unconsciously procrastinating

I strongly do believe that there’s no right time waiting for us out there but if we show up every day that right time is going to come to us.


You might be thinking isn’t overanalyzing and overthinking the same thing? Nah, they are way different and I would rather overanalyze than overthink. You see INTJs are known to think clearly and want every reason to come from a place of logic but a few of them take that step too far.

In the chase of looking for logic and finding a reason that is rational enough to take action intj procrastination occurs. The very beautiful thing about intj procrastination is that it hardly comes to the conscious level. I feel they are the most powerful personality and all this procrastination get drown in the background because of their perceived sense of strength.

The want to overthink every situation and to find reason in every action taken is from self-doubt whether you believe that or not and the very way to get out of that space is to be true and sure with your judgment. Understand that you don’t need the full answer before you take the leap and if you are consciously doing that know too that you are procrastinating.

This is are the various reason why intj procrastination is a thing and when it comes to intj procrastination it hardly does comes to the surface. Being an Intjs you want to take a closer look at yourself and know where and when you are being a victim to Intj procrastination.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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