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How your interpretation of the world shapes your life

He has gone through the worst in life, things that shape the interpretation of the world in a man and make him see the world differently but every time he looks at the world all he sees is fears, his fears looking back at him and wouldn’t leave his mind.

What one man sees and runs away another man sees and stands to confront.

Whatever he has gone through in life he was supposed to be liberated by it, rise above it, and rule above it but rather he chooses to be brought down by it.

Our experience shapes what we see in the world and how we interpret what we see shapes our view and opinion of the world and our view of the world shapes our life and how we choose to move along with it.

People live life from different experiences and different interpretations of what that experience has shown.

Some people have seen the worst in this life and instead have that pain give them wisdom, some people have felt pain and so much suffering that it left them broken, unable to do anything in life

Your interpretation of the world matters more than how you choose to live your life. How do you see things and what are the meaning you give to these things are what makes up your life and its choices

Environment, circumstances, and opportunities are what differentiate people, some had that three in a platter of gold while some felt the worst of those three

But what differentiate the people that felt the worst of those three in life, is just how they choose to interpret the things they felt

Some will tell you the suffering and the lack of opportunities they had made them who they are, while some will tell you they were dealt with the wrong hand and saw no hope in their situation.

It is not power that makes men different, not physical power or how intellectual they seem to be that makes one man better than the other but it is how that man has decided to look at the world and interpret the things he sees.

We know a lot of A+ students that can’t help themselves around the world, they think having an A+ would solve all the problems of their life, but nobody is interested in your problem.

Everybody is interested in theirs and if you are not trying to solve theirs then your A+ has no meaning and worth in society.

Some people have lost it all in life but have gone on to build greater things than what they have lost in life.

The other found himself in the same situation but couldn’t do the same, there are two stories to these two different men.

The first that lost it all and built it all back had an experience of not having anything in the past, his view is shaped by that and his interpretation of the world has made him acquire the wealth he has just lost. That interpretation of the world still exists in his life today and it still drives him.

As long as that interpretation of the world still lives in him he can build whatever to the top again. The man that has seen both the highs and lows can get back to the high and do it graciously.

The other though at the top and probably had little or worked his way to the top allowed the fanciness of the top cloud his reasoning, his interpretation of the world has changed into comfort and when that comfort was taken away from him his interpretation of the world, that comfort couldn’t be taken away from him

With that kind of interpretation of the world ruling his life, it is difficult getting back up so he stays down and builds up different excuses, creating different negative interpretations just how like the majority of the people in the world.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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