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When you are not being intentional you are losing direction


When the year kicks off people go about looking for how they can change their life and begin something new, but those changes never end up materializing. When you look at these people, they genuinely want to change some aspect of their life but they are not intentional enough to see a way out of what they want

Everyone has got dreams and something they are aiming for but few is intentional about what they want from life.

Some people just choose to want everything while some just say they want wealth, but all these things are just like saying you want the world. The world can’t come to anybody but anyone can have a piece of it.

A piece of it is intentional, all of it is an unintentional approach. When it comes to your dreams and goals it isn’t about the larger picture, it is about the smaller picture. It is about removing and it is about zooming in on what is important.

People go about wanting to learn about systems and how systems make their dreams happen faster but if you are not intentional about what you want then it will really be difficult finding a systems that works for you and your business

Intentional is focusing on the core of what you want, narrowing the focus, and shooting at a particular target.

Do you know how easy life will be if you can be really intentional about what you want this year, by not trying to get everything, you get what is important.

A person with no direction thinks everywhere is a destination, when you are not intentional with what you want you go about chasing the larger picture and since that larger picture is not specific, meeting your goal will be very difficult

A person who has a target will know what it takes to get that target met. You become sure of yourself and your ability and what it takes to get things done

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The benefit of being intentional

There are several benefits of being intentional in your pursuit but the very important ones I will be laying out here.

  • You know what you are doing:

A person who knows what they’re doing will hardly fail at that thing. Yes there will be challenges but the fact you know what you are doing will put these challenges in your forebrain and help you anticipate danger ahead

Early in the year like this, you have people telling themselves all kinds of irrational goals to be met and since they are not being intentional they forget to put in mind the challenges they will be expecting when shit hits the roof

When these people hit a certain kind of trajectory and things start looking real difficult they fold up and leave whatever they had in mind.

  • You have a destination:

One biggest mistake we humans make in life is creating a goal with no endpoint. Most people reach their goal and don’t know when to stop so they overdo things, while those who are not intentional think everywhere is a destination

When you are intentional in what you are doing you know where the road leads and you avoid the unnecessary distraction that lies on the way.

You are definite and you have known your endpoint, who wouldn’t love to live life with such certainty.

  • You know what is important:

Being intentional is giving yourself a cheat code in life that differentiates you from the other fortune hunters.

The other fortune hunters are not intentional and because they are not intentional they will think every shiny object has a market worth

But you are intentional and you know what you want from life so you avoid the things that are not leading you in that direction and are not important

To you, you know that the only shiny object you are searching for is one on your maps and you won’t settle for anything else

This is all the benefit of being intentional and this is why you should be intentional too and find what works for you, narrow the focus and aim.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.

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